WWDC2014 – Day1

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WWDC2014 – Day1

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25th Anniversary Of WWDC

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As WWDC started, A Quiet Tim Cook took the stage...

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Two Powerful Platforms OS X & iOS

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OSX Yosemite it is! The "bold design" of Aqua Yosemite will be FREE!

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Flat & Translucency adds more dimension to the desktop

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Improved Notification Center

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New Spotlight Search

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AirDrop now works with the Mac Calls, SMS, Instant Hotspot & the new“Handoff”

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iOS 8 Builds on design of iOS 7 iOS 8 beta available 

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Apple Introduces iOS 8 Notifications Center, QuickType, Continuity, iMessage, Health, and much more...

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A new‘Health’app for tracking Fitness & Wellbeing

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Better Keyboard

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iCloud Drive

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Handofflets you pick up right where you left off

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A lot more in iMessages...

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Just Say "Hey, Siri."

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Unlocking amazing new capabilities

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Apple’s Metal could transform iOS Gaming if it works as Promised...

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Swift – A new Programming language Swift is 3.9x faster than Objective C iOS 8 is a huge developer and a great end user release A Swift language guide is available now in iBooks.

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Tim Cook Signing-off for the Day 1 ...

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