Startup Technology: Cheatsheet for Non-Techies

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PUT ATS SE OLO H ET ET O O TEE STAE BACKEND The Backend is the central place, which saves data and serves it to different Clients. The backend is hosted on a server and provides and API. E DEDEE USERS CAN CREATE ACCOUNT DATA ARE ACCESSIBLE FRON MULTIPLE DEVICES YOU CREATE A WEB APPLICATION RUBY LARAVEL NODE.JS ON DJANGO PYTHON RAILS SYMFONY 2 FLASK Frontend The Frontend ist the Website or Web-App which you can open in the Browser. Basically that's it :) JavaScript AngularJS React Backbone CSS / HTML INFO Bootstrap Foundation Check Templates! Nowadays Websites work like mobile Apps with the Browser as Operating System Mobile Apps Well, y'all know what I mean... We can create native Apps or use Web technology. NATIVE APPS WEB TECHNOLOGY "The real deal" + best performance + native ui elements - must be developed   for each os + one App can run on many  operating Systems - the look & feel and the performance are not the same

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