How to Be a Cloud Security Superhero

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Turn your IT department into A CLOUD SECURITY SUPERHERO In the shadows of the enterprise, employees are using external cloud-based applications— and exposing the organization to tremendous risk. But you can take control with a s  ingle SaaS solution. IBM® Cloud Security Enforcer provides everything you need to simplify and secure the use of cloud applications. larly save ta to external a  nd share company da * cloud-based platforms. 1/3 of employees regu Detect it with your n  ew X-ray vision. ables rcer en IBM Cloud Security Enfo ication use you to see all cloud appl ng usage on and user activity, includi mobile devices. 1 in 4 emplo yees use co mpany c  redentials to access c loud-based platforms.*  T ur n it aro lightning- und in fast time. IBM Cloud S ecurity Enfo rc helps you c onnect users er to approved c loud applica tions i n a flash. know they are d do it anyway.* g company policy, an 57% of employees violatin h ct the business wit Prote gth. superhuman stren based ddefends against clou loud Security Enforcer IBM C threat intelligence. using IBM X-Force® threats Keep the cloud safe for everyone with IBM Cloud Security Enforcer See what you can do with the industry’s first cloud security solution with integrated access control, visibility and protection. Learn more at: © Copyright IBM Corporation 2015. All Rights Reserved. IBM, the IBM logo,, and X-Force are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States. * Based on an IBM survey of Fortune 1000 organizations, August 2015. WGU03011-USEN-00

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