Audio and Podcasting in the US

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Audio  and  Podcasting  in  the  US Some  key  stats  and  trends Damian  Radcliffe January   2016 @damianradcliffe

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This  is  where  we   were,  just  over  5  years  ago Note: • Less  than  half  have  heard  of   podcasts • 71%  listen  on  their  computer  – not  a  mobile  device • Number  of  “watched”  podcasts

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What’s   changed?

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Notable  growth   in  podcast  consumption

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Mobile/Portable  devices  playing  a   role

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Where  we  are   now:  8  key  charts  from   Pew And  some  thoughts  from  me

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Big  growth   in  online  listening Potential   drivers: • Increase  in  connectivity >  broadband,   Wi-­‐Fi   and   at  work   connections • Mobile  devices • 3G  and  4G • Increased  /  cheaper  data  plans

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But  still  only   just  over  half   of  US  adults

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Beginning  to  change  in-­‐car  listening But  still  less  than   4/10

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Awareness   more   than   doubled  in  a   decade But  still  less  than   half

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With  17%  listening  in  the  last  month

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This   “revolution”   (evolution?)   may  have   been   overstated However,   growth  is   discernible

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Case  Study:  NPR

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Sources  of   optimism

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Americans  consume  4+   hours  audio   a  day Edison’s   Share   of  Ear™  report  used   results   are  from   a  nationally   representative   sample   of  2,096   Americans   ages   13+  who   completed   a  24-­‐hour   audio   listening   diary   during   May   2014.   The  study  revealed: 1. Americans  spend  an  average  of  4  hours  and  5  minutes  each  day  consuming  audio. 2. More  than  52%  of  that  time  goes  to  broadcast  radio  on  all  its  various  platforms.   3. Other  sources  of  pre-­‐programmed  audio  now  control  26%  of  listening  time. 4. Listening  to  your  own  music  collection  accounts  for  more  than  20%  of  time  spent  listening.

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7  key  stats   collated  by  Search  Engine  Journal 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 17  percent  of  US  adults  had  listened  to  a  podcast  during  the  month  leading  up  to   annual  survey  in  2014.  That  was  a  9  percent  increase  from  2008.  (Source) In  2013,  Apple  surpassed  1  billion  podcast  subscriptions.  (Source) 1  in  4  podcast  listeners  plug  their  smartphone  or  MP3  player  into  their  car  audio   system.  (Source) By  2025,  50  percent  of  cars  will  have  Internet  connectivity.  (Source) As  of  2014,  58  percent  of  Americans  own  a  smartphone.  (Source) 67  percent  of  podcast  listeners  don’t  mind  sponsorship   messages  and  occasionally  find   them  useful,  compared  to  only  6  percent  positive  sentiment  expressed  for  the   advertising  approaches  of  television  or  commercial  radio.  (Source) Only  3  percent  of  marketers  are  currently  using  podcasting  in  their  social  media   marketing  strategy.  However,  32  percent  have  a  desire  to  learn  how  to  use  podcasting   in  their  marketing  efforts  and  23  percent  have  plans  to  increase  their  podcasting   activities  in  2013.  (Source)

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Podcaster   listeners  really    love podcasts

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You   just  need  to  convert  them From  the  Washington   Post: • Podcasters  like  the  personal  connection   they  have  with  fans  who  listen  through  ear  buds  or   headphones,   which  can  make  shows  feel  more  intimate  than  other  forms  of  media. • Roman  Mars  (99%  Invisible) said  he  keeps  that  in  mind  and  mikes  himself  more  closely  than  he   used  to.  This  allows  him  to  use  a  quieter  voice,  which  he  calls  a  “head  voice,”  in  the  hopes   of   more  closely  connecting  with  listeners. • Fans  “have  helped  to  raise  nearly  $600,000  in  the  past  three  years  — money  that  has  allowed   Mars  to  hire  three  reporters  and  producers.”  (The  article  notes  5  years  ago  he  had  a  5k  budget)

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There’s   a  potentially  captive  audience “Americans  spend  more  than  three  hours  a  day  commuting,   working  out  and  doing  household  chores  that  can  be   accompanied  by  audio  entertainment,  according  to  census   data  studied  by  Matt  Lieber,  a  former  public  radio  producer   who  co-­‐founded  the  podcast  company  with  Blumberg.”

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And   lots  of  great  content  out   there With  more   coming  on-­‐stream   every  day

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