How different Minimum Viable Products helped us understand customers.

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Myself Pushkar Gaikwad – Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay 5 Years in Oil & Gas Industry Started working on my startup “” in May 2013 My experiences taught me planning to minimize risk in a start-up

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Cubicle Work Management for Engineering Projects Combines ERP with Project Management Tools In these slides I will share my experience of using Minimum Viable Products (MVP) for early customer validations

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Idea Product / Service Customers Competition Capital Team Industry Trends Basically I started with an idea for an ‘Integrated Project Management Platform’ while working as an Engineer But there were MANY different factors which influenced viability of the IDEA. And each one needed to be tested.

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Showstoppers? Getting started No Product / No Customers Often people have a great idea. But give up without any execution. And then 3 years later you see someone else making millions with the same business So if you decide to execute, make sure your product is technically feasible AND SALEABLE. Most start-ups fail because they can’t find any buyers.

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Risk Assessment Technological feasibility? Do you solve a PRESSING problem? Single dominant player in market? Long enough financial runway? 10X changes approaching?

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Customer Development – Steve Blank MVP

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Minimum Viable Product Test customer needs Determine minimum feature set Fix Bugs and Defects (code + workflow) Start making money! MVP is a tool you can use to test certain assumptions about the market. And if the MVP is good you can also monetize it.

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MVP for Cubicle 1st Powerpoint Workflow Diagrams 2nd UI designed in Excel 3rd HTML Prototype 4th A functioning demo version in the cloud For Cubicle, we started talking to customers from Day0, using different MVPs parallel to product development to validate whatever we were doing.

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Powerpoint Animations Videos with workflow

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UI Mock-ups In Excel

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Functioning software prototype that can be monetized

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Different Tools for MVP Excel Sheets – Quick to make, Testing not scalable Powerpoint Presentations – Quick to make, Difficult to scale testing Functioning App Prototype – Take longer, but Scalable Testing Improve knowledge about customers Improve product structure / features Make some money

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MVP for Flying Drones with Cameras Drones Cameras Spectral Maps What should be the MVP ?

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To summarize… It’s never too early to talk to customers Basic market research can help a long way Use MVPs and minimize risk

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To summarize… It’s never too early to talk to customers Basic market research can help a long way Use MVPs and minimize risk Build a team Raise money Start your journey !!

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