The Top 8 Improvements Coming To Drupal 8

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The Top 8 Improvements Coming To Drupal 8 Angie "webchick" Byron Nova Scotia Drupal Meetup July 28, 2014

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About me @webchick

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What are we doing here tonight? Go through top 8 changes for Drupal 8, in order of meekness. ;) Walk through some of the bigger API changes in D8 for module developers Talk about when D8 is coming and how you can help

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1. Improved Authoring Experience

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Drupal 7

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Drupal 8

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Drupal 7

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Drupal 8

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2. Mobile First

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Drupal 7

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Drupal 8

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Drupal 8

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3. Site Builder Improvements

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Views in Core!

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Better Blocks

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New Field Types

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4. Multilingual++

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Drupal 8

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Translatable Everything! Content Blocks Menus User Profiles Taxonomy Views Image styles Text formats Comments Feeds …and more! No contrib modules needed!

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5. Configuration Management

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One core system to solve this mess variable_set()/variable_get() ctools_export_object()/ctools_export_load_object() db_select()/db_update()/db_delete() $conf[...]; hook_update_N() drush fu

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Deploy any of the following admin/config/foo settings "Configuration Entities" including: Views Content Types Image Styles Text Formats Taxonomy Vocabularies … … but NOT content (contrib): Nodes Users Comments Taxonomy Terms

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6. Twig & HTML5

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PHPTemplate is now Twig 7.x: page.tpl.php 8.x: page.html.twig <div id="page-wrapper"> <div id="page"> <div id="header"> <div class="section clearfix"> <?php if ($logo): ?> <a href="<?php print $front_page; ?>" title="<?php print t('Home'); ?>" rel="home" id="logo"> <img src="<?php print $logo; ?>" alt="<?php print t('Home'); ?>" /> </a> <?php endif; ?> <div class="layout-container">   <header role="banner"> {% if logo %} <a href="{{ front_page }}" title="{{ 'Home'|t }}" rel="home"> <img src="{{ logo }}" alt="{{ 'Home'|t }}"/> </a> {% endif %} Friendlier syntax for designers Variables auto-escaped for better security Semantic, HTML5 markup

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HTML5 Forms

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No more support for IE 6, 7, & 8

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7. Web Services

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8. Modern, OO Code

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Warning: Things are about to get... geeky.

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"Getting off the Island"

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Modern PHP Best Practices PHP 5.4+ Classes/Interfaces Namespaces Traits Dependency Injection Most PSR-* standards

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Powered by Symfony2 Tutorial:

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…and dozens of other external libraries

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…and dozens of other libraries A peek under the hood

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Modules now in /modules 7.x modules ?? sites Ў Ў all Ў modules ?? ?? ?? 8.x modules ?? sites Ў ?? ?? core Ў modules ?? ?? Profiles and themes: same deal.

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YAML, YAML everywhere 7.x: 8.x: name = Example description = "Example module" core = 7.x files[] = example.test config = admin/config/example dependencies[] = node name: Example type: module description: "Example module" core: 8.x config: admin.example dependencies: - node New required "type" property No more files[] (we'll get to that later) Paths now have machine names (we'll get to that later, too) Drupalism: Kinda-Sorta-INI-Like "Proudly Invented Elsewhere": YAML

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Classes, classes everywhere sites/all/modules example Ў Ў example.test 7.x modules example Ў Ў 8.x src Ў ExampleForm.php ExampleInterface.php ExampleController.php … Pages, forms, blocks, etc. are now all object-oriented.

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Defining a page: 7.x function example_menu() { $items['hello'] = array( 'title' => 'Hello world', 'page callback' => '_example_page', 'access callback' => 'user_access', 'access arguments' => 'access content', ); return $items; }   function _example_page() { return t('Hello world.'); } example.module Drupalism: "ArrayPIs" ;)

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Defining a page: 8.x example.hello: path: '/hello' defaults: _content: '\Drupal\example\ExampleController::hello' requirements: _permission: 'access content' example.routing.yml example.hello: title: 'Hello world' route_name: example.hello "Proudly Invented Elsewhere": - SF2 Routing Component - MVC pattern

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Defining a page: 8.x <?php   namespace Drupal\example;   use Drupal\Core\Controller\ControllerBase;   /** * Returns responses for Example module routes. */ class ExampleController extends ControllerBase { public function hello() { return array('#markup' => $this->t('Hello world.')); } } src/ExampleController.php "Proudly Invented Elsewhere": - PSR-4 Class Autoloader - OO code

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Defining a block: 7.x example.module <?php function example_block_info() { $blocks['example'] = array( 'info' => t('Example block'), ); return $blocks; } function example_block_view($delta = '') { $block = array(); switch ($delta) { case 'example': $block['subject'] = t('Example block'); $block['content'] = array( 'hello' => array( '#markup' => t('Hello world'), ), ); break; } return $block; } Drupalism: "Mystery Meat" APIs based on naming conventions

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Defining a block: 8.x <?php namespace Drupal\example\Plugin\Block; use Drupal\block\BlockBase; /** * Provides the Example block. * * @Block( *  id = "example", *  admin_label = @Translation("Example block"), * category = @Translation("Example") * ) */ class ExampleBlock extends BlockBase { public function build() { return array('hello' => array( '#markup' => $this->t('Hello world.') )); } } src/Plugin/Block/ExampleBlock.php "Proudly Invented Elsewhere": - Annotations - APIs defined by Interfaces

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Choose Your Own Data Adventure While you can do it, it's now considered unusual to store data directly in the database; choose one of the following: Content Entities: Use for 1000s+ of records; fieldable. Ex: Nodes, Users, Comments, Feeds, Terms Config Entities: Use for 10s of records; create in UI, deploy. Ex: Views, Text Formats, Image Styles, Vocabularies Config API: Use for 1s of records; things you want deployed. Ex: most admin/config/foo forms Settings API: Use for 1s of records; things specific to an environment; not deployed. Ex: timestamps, hashes, keys

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Read more about it! Plaster these URLs to your face:

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Every API change in Drupal 8 Plaster this URL to your cat's face:

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Rocket fuel to get started Plaster this URL to your dog's face:

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8 sounds great! So where's it at, anyway?

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Current Release Status There are ~100 “critical” issues left to solve that block release. Of these, ~5 are “beta blockers” that block the beta release. “Beta” marks the time at which module developers can start re-writing their code on top of Drupal 8. Without lots of modules being ready, Drupal 8 will not have a successful launch, so we are trying to get beta right. “WHEN IT’S READY” (~Q2 2015)

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When should I start using it? Module/Theme developer? Right now! Provide early API feedback while things can still be changed. Early Adopter? Start building test sites during beta/RC Be prepared to "BYOBF" (bring your own bug fixes) Late Adopter? 6+ months after Drupal 8.0.0 Wait for enough contrib modules to be ported

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What about upgrades? No more upgrade path; now, migration path. Build out your Drupal 8 site as a new site, then migrate content, users, etc. over. Drupal 6 => Drupal 8 migrations already in! Drupal 7 => Drupal 8 migrations in progress.

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What if I'm stuck on D7 for the foreseeable future?

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How can I help? Start porting your modules/themes! Give "developer experience" feedback while we can still fix things Help us find/fix holes in documentation Build a practice site or two Test out the D6 => D8 migration path! Find/File bug reports (with patches if you can!) Help kill critical core issues! :D

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Want the full scoop?

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Thanks! :) Questions?