The Present Indefinite Tense

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The Present Indefinite Tense Королевство «Настоящее Неопределенное Время». Действия в нем происходят каждый день, часто, обычно, иногда, редко или не происходят никогда.

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Every Day Every day - каждый день, Usually - обычно, Often - часто, Always - всегда, Sometimes - иногда, Seldom - редко, Never - никогда. Правят королевством

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I We You They He She It Первые лица королевства I - я We - мы You - ты, вы They - они He - он She - она It - оно, она, он 1-е л. ед.ч. мн.ч. 2-е л. ед. и мн.ч. 3-е л. мн.ч. 3-е л. ед.ч.

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The Verb Утвердительное предложение I I get up early every morning. We + V1 We often play tennis. You You go to school every day. They They usually wash up after dinner. I, We, You, They

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Утвердительное предложение He He plays football very well. She + Vs/Ves She watches TV every evening. It It hops very well. -s -es The Verb He, She, It

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Чтение окончания –(e)s [s]: sleeps, writes, likes, laughs; [z]: comes, stands, sings, cries, plays; [iz]: washes, teaches, kisses, closes, sledges. -s -es The Verb

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do not Отрицательное предложение The Verb I I do not get up very early every morning. We + do not + V1 We do not often play tennis. You (don’t) You do not go to school every day. They They do not wash up after dinner. I, We, You, They

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Отрицательное предложение does not The Verb He He does not play football very well. She + does not + V1 She does not watch TV every evening. It (doesn’t) It does not hop very well. He, She, It

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Вопросительное предложение The Verb I, we, you, they Do ? I Do I get up very early every morning? Do + we + V1 ? Do we often play tennis? you Do you go to school every day? They Do they wash up after dinner?

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Вопросительное предложение Does The Verb he, she, it ? he Does he play football well? Does + she + V1 ? Does she watch TV every day? it Does it hop very well?

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Место указателей в предложении We play tennis We clean our teeth . every day They wash up after dinner. usually My mother buys vegetables. every week He helps his parents about the house. always I go for a walk late in the evening. never . every summer

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