New World View (from deep Russia)

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New World View (from deep Russia) Tatiana Ginzburg, PhD, [email protected]

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Where I am coming from? The center “Human Being” Game Masters School Saint-Petersburg Breathwork School Shiram Buddist Sangha “Vrata” Intellectual Club Центр Гуманистических Технологий «Человек» Школа Игратехников Санкт-Петербургская Школа Дыхания ШИРАМ Буддиская Община «Врата» ИНтелКЛуб

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Our purpose Our Awareness development, growing new human being inside and help others in that

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Seven basic world-view questions: What is prime reality – the really real? 2. What is the nature of external reality, that is, the world around us? 3. What is the human being? 4. What happen to a person at death? 5. Why it is possible to know anything at all? 6. How do we know what is right and wrong? 7. What is the meaning of human history?

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What is prime reality – the really real? Какова первичная реальность?

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Я Theism GOD

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Naturalism (Descartes) I Not I Not I not I

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Nihilism I Not I Not IЯ Not I

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Экзистенциализм Existentialism Я Не Я Не Я Не Я Не Я Не Я

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Атман = Брахман Eastern Pantheistic Monism Атман Брахман Иллюзия

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Я Они Он Ты ? ! Постмодерн Postmodernism

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Теизм Деизм Натурализм Нигилизм Экзистенциализм Пантеистический Монизм Постмодерн ? Нулевая точка ZERO POINT

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Implications Применение The World is Whole and Kind Everything is part of the process Правильно не отрывать теорию от практики Total practices – is path to Enlightenment (СверхЗадача и Сквозное Действие) Close relationships is important for deep therapy and real transformation

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