Are Youth Subcultures Dangerous?

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By A.Sosnina and D.Davydova, group 753 Are Youth Subcultures Dangerous?

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Цель и задачи урока Цель - развивать логико-математический, музыкальный, натуралистический интеллект. . Практические задачи Развивать умение МД на уровне СФЕ Развивать умение ДР на уровне ДЕ Образовательные задачи Познакомить учеников с различными молодежными субкультурами Познакомить учеников с государственной политикой в области молодежных субкультур

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Воспитательные задачи Воспитывать толерантность, понимание других культур Развивающие задачи Развивать умение формулировать и выражать собственное мнение Развивать способности анализа и синтеза Развивать креативное, творческое мышление, воображение Развивать внимание

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Hello students. Today we’ll continue our topic Subcultures and discuss some important questions connected with youth subcultures in modern Russia. But at first I would like to check your knowledge of different subcultures. I will switch on 5 songs one by one. Your task will be to define the subculture every song is typical for. Write down these subcultures, one for each song, and then we’ll check the task together. Приветствие и речевая зарядка

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1 2 3 4 5 Guess the Song

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At home you read the text and answered some questions about it. Let’s discuss it together. What are the main topic of the text? What subcultures are mentioned in the text? What are the main problems the author discusses in the text? Do you think there’re some really dangerous subcultures? What are they and why do you think so? Discussion

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So, the thing is that we have a problem with subcultures in Russia and nobody knows how to solve it properly. Let’s try to find a solution together. Please form 4 groups. Now each group should pull a card from my hand. Group one, please, tell us, who you are. (На карточках написаны роли – the Duma, a group of parents, youth people from different subcultures, a group of specialists in youth subcultures и пункты программы, которую ученики должны создать). Brainstorming

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Now you’ll have to answer the main question of this lesson and create a program for solution of the problems we’ve discuss. Do not forget that you should follow your roles.

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Your program should contain such things as: The main problems connected with youth subcultures in Russia The main paths of solving these problems What the Government should do What parents should do What school authorities should do

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Now let’s talk about the way you should organize your work inside the group. You should choose the leader who will be responsible for the work of the group and the secretary who will write down all the ideas and watch the time. I advise you to express your opinions inside the group in turn. Remember that ideas shouldn’t be criticized, they should be taken positively and discussed inside the group. You’ll have 15 minutes for this work and then you’ll have to present the results in front of the class. Организационный момент

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Группы выступают с различными решениями проблем, учитель обсуждает с учащимися получившиеся результаты. Now thank you for your work.

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Did you like today’s lesson? Why? Did you know anything new during the lesson? What did you know? Do you think such lessons can be useful for understanding the world around you and the society? Why do you think so? Рефлексия