New York City

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New York City New York City New York City New York City Ne NYC NYC New York City New York City NYC NYC New York City New York City NYC NYC NYC

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New York is the most populated city in the United States. New York exerts a powerful influence over global finance, culture, fashion, education entertainment, and international affairs. next

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New York City is located in the Northeastern United States, in southeastern New York State. The location is at the mouth of the Hudson River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. New York is built on three islands: Manhattan, Staten Island, and Long Island. There are three rivers, which separate NY islands from each other: the Hudson, the East River, the Harlem River, and the Bronx River. next

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New York was settled in 1624 by the Dutch. The first name was New Amsterdam. Then duke York came to New World and bought the land. That’s why the state is called New York. Soon, they gave New Amsterdam the same name. next

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NYC symbols Seal Flag Unofficial – World famous “I NY”

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The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France. It became a symbol of freedom for immigrants. France gave the Statue to the USA in 1752. Statue of Liberty next

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back Statue at night

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back Lady Liberty

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back Statue of Liberty

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back Liberty Island

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Places of interest 5th Avenue Liberty Island Broadway Chrysler Building Empire State Building Times Square Statue of Liberty Ground Zero Central Park Yankee Stadium Metropolitan Museum of Art Rockefeller Center Central Park Zoo Lincoln Center for the performing Arts Manhattan Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Brighton Beach China Town Grand Central Station (Grand Central Terminal) NY subway next

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Rockefeller Center back

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5th Avenue back

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Broadway back

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Times Square

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New Year in Times Square back

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Chrysler Building back

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Empire State Building back

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Statue of Liberty back

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Liberty Island back

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NY Subway

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Central Park Zoo

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Yankee Stadium back

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Central Park

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Ground Zero

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Grand Central Station (Grand Central Terminal) back

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China Town back

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Brighton Beach back

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Brooklyn Bridge back

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Manhattan Bridge back

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Lincoln Center for the performing Arts back

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Metropolitan Museum of Art back

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