Who settles our territory?

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Who settles our territory? Done by Kira Ivanova Form 10

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I thought that the population of our territory was not so various although I knew that the aborigines ( low –numbered peoples of the North ) have been living there since ancient times

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I decided to learn as more as possible about the population of our Khabarovsk territory.

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Population of our Territory

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Peoples of the North

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Working on the problem I have learned that the territory is inhabited by 1,433.1 thousand people that equals to 1% of Russia`s population. Urban population (taking into account workers` settlements) is over 80,6% of the total/ The population density is 1,8 per 1 sq.km, four-fold less Russian mean.

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Working on the problem I have learned that our population is multinational, but the number of aborigines is not very big.

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