Village Ketovo.

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Village Ketovo. Подготовили: Ananiev A. Bashkinova I. Titova D. Postovalova A.

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We live in the village Ketovo. Ketovo was founded in 1703 by the Ketovs brothers.

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Ketovo village Council is headed by Ivanov A.P.

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In Ketovo there is a printing office, in which local newspaper “Interlocutor” is published.

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Ketovo Music school is known throughout the area. Since 2010, the school director is Podshivalova L .Y.

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There is a monument to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

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In our village there is a school.

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There is a branch of Sberbank of Russia.

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Giant`s Strength Stone

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When was Ketovo founded ? Who is the head of Ketovo village? What artist was born here? What newspaper is published in Ketovo ? What banks are there in Ketovo village ?

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