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GENERAL INFORMATION to consist of attraction building borough a MetroCard to design to be interested in famous to be destroyed

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The five boroughs: 1: Manhattan, 2: Brooklyn, 3: Queens, 4: Bronx, 5: Staten Island New York City is comprised of five boroughs, an unusual form of government used to administer the five constituent counties that make up the city.

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STREETS AND AVENUES The Empier State Building The Rockefeller Center The Guggenheim Museum Central Park The Statue of Liberty Central Station The Chrysler Building The American Museum of Natural History The UN Headquarters The World Trade Center

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ROCKEFELLER CENTRE Was built in 1930’s – был построен в 30 –е годы Private [praivit] – частный Business and entertainment centre – центр бизнеса и развлечений 19 buildings – 19 зданий To include [in’klu:d] - включать

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I believe in the supreme worth of the individual and in his right to life, liberty, and happiness. … I believe that truth and justice are fundamental to an enduring social order. … I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might. Rockefeller

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THE CARNEGIE DELI Pastrami – бастурма Corned beef – солёная говядина Blintzes – блинчики Homemade chicken soup – домашний куриный суп

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RUSSIAN CUISINE beef Stroganov borscht karavay shashlik (kebab) blinis pelmenis

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THE STATUE OF LIBERTY 15 feet tall Declaration of Independence Unsettled – нестабильный Homeless – бездомный Penniless – без средств Prosperous – процветающий New opportunity – новая возможность Edourd de Laboulaye In copper – из меди Iron and steel A staircase inside The jewels – драгоценные камни October 28th 1886 (the lamp in her torch was lit)

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THE HISTORY OF MANHATTAN a tribe – племя rocky – скалистый Dutchman – Датчанин was sheltered – был защищён Man – a – hat – ta Heavenly Land – небесная земля lonely – одинокий barren – пустынный New Amsterdam – Новый Амстердам American War for Independence April 30th, 1789 Wall Street – Уолл Стрит made a speech – выступил с речью deserve - заслуживать

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SKYSCAPERS to float – плыть fairy tale – волшебная сказка slender – стройный 1, 250 feet high – высотой 1250 футов marble – мрамор glass - стекло The Empire State and the Chrysler Buildings The United Nations

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MANHATTAN 13 miles long 2 miles wide finance – финансовый advertising – рекламный publishing – публицистический fashion – мода is divided – делится Lower Manhattan Midtown Manhattan Upper Manhattan southern – южный island – остров area – территория remaining – оставшийся northern - северный

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LOWER MANHATTAN a wooden wall – деревянная стена Stock Exchange – фондовая биржа twin towers – башни–близнецы the World Trade Center – Всемирный Торговый Центр Little Italy remain popular – остаются популярными immigrant community – иммиграционная община residential area – заселённая территория picturesque – живописный charming – очаровательный nightlife – ночная жизнь

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MIDTOWN is concentrated - сконцентрированы twenty storeys high – 20 этажей art deco style – стиль «арт-деко» “New York Times” is regarded – считается the Theatre District – театральный район to occupy - занимать the Great White Way – «Большой Белый Путь » - место расположения многих театров Empire State Building Chrysler Times Square Brodway Rockefeller Centre

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CENTRAL PARK huge park – огромный парк landscape architect – ландшафтный архитектор Frederick Law Olmsted opened in 1876 take a ride - прокатиться a carriage pulled by horse – повозка, запряжённая лошадью an old-fashioned carousel – старомодная карусель outdoor theatre – открытый театр MAP

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MUSEUMS AND THE DAKOTA BUILDING wealthy New Yorkers - богатые Нью-Йоркцы mansions - особняки “Museum Mile” - музейная линия specific - особенный unusual-looking - необычный apartment building - жилой дом the view on Central Park - с видом на Центральный Парк attract – привлекать Leonard Bernstein

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