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GE Energy Clean Coal Strategy & Opportunities Kiev March 20th 2007

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Advanced PC/SCPC IGCC NGCC 0.00 0.025 0.050 0.075 SO2 NOx Average of Recent Permit Data Best Individual Plant Level kg/GJ Water Consumption Mercury Removal PC IGCC IGCC … Emissions Approaching Natural Gas 50%-90% 90%+ PC IGCC 30% Less Source: GE internal data, average of 28 permits granted, applications and publicly reported emissions PM10

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Deriving Maximum Value From Coal Syngas (H2 + CO)

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CO 2 Emissions per MWh 0 250 500 1000 1500 H Combined Cycle (60%) FB Combined Cycle (58%) IGCC at 70% capture Natural Gas Fired Steam Plant (38%) Heavy-Duty SC GT (37%) IGCC at 25% removal Coal Plant (45%) Coal Plant (41%) Technology Kilograms per MWh CO2 Emissions with Today’s Fuels IGCC at 90% capture

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GE’s Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Air Separation System Gasification Syngas Cooling Syngas Clean-up Combined Cycle Coal Slag Air Air/N2 CO2 Sulfur Hg Clean Fuel Heat Electricity O2 Five Basic Steps

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Pre-Combustion Carbon Removal – A Proven Process CO2 S Hg Water Gas Shift CO+H2O -> CO2+H2 Oxygen, Feedstock Process Gas Only High P, Low Vol High Driving Force Slag Diffusion Combustor Diluent NOx Control Proven Gasification 25 GE Gas Turbines operating at 50%+ H2 F-class combustion validation up to 90% H2 63 GE Licensed Gasification Units operating worldwide 12 with solid feedstock 25+ GE Licensed Gasification Units operating worldwide using shift reaction to produce H2 8 with solid feedstock 25+ GE Licensed Units operating worldwide using AGR technology to completely remove CO2 from shifted syngas 8 with solid feedstock Gasification Proven Process Technology Proven Turbines Optional Shift AGR/SRU Power H2

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IGCC CO2 Capture Alternatives CO2 to Sequestration 0.2 MT/MWh Coal Initial Capture CO2 Lean Fuel Gas CO2 to sequestration 0.6-0.9 MT/MWh Coal Shift+Capture H2 Rich Fuel Gas Sulfur Sulfur Gasification Acid Gas Removal S Recovery Power Block Coal CO2 Rich Fuel Gas Sulfur HRSG Exhaust .83 MT CO2/MWh No Capture Gasification Gasification Acid Gas Removal CO2 & S Recovery Power Block HRSG Exhaust .63 MT CO2/MWh HRSG Exhaust .1-.3 MT CO2/MWh Power Block Acid Gas Removal CO2 & S Recovery Partial/ Full Shift