Pros and cons.

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Presentation Кузнецова Вера Витальевна учитель английского языка МБОУ «СОШ №12» г. Новочебоксарска Pros and cons. Gadgets or new technologies in our life.

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Plan: 1. Warming Up. 2. Students Points of View. 3. Short Monologues. 4. Short Discussion. 5. Lexical test. 6. Dialogue. 7. Exercise 2, p.60. 8. Listening. 9. Positive and negative views points. 10. Internet Slang. 11. Conclusion.

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Inventions What are gadgets? Why does the modern man need them? What are they for?

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2 The most important inventions that have changed our life. What modern inventions do people use in everyday life and what are they for? A digital camera A laptop A TV A Mobile phone A Microwave oven E-book Games console Personal Computer A Washing machine Gadgets

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E - books Can E-books replace printed books?

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I-Phone Calculator Calendar Clock Maps Mail Notes Spotlight Weather Photos Safari Stocks YouTube

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Computers are playing the most important part in peoples lives. They offer people a lot of possibilities to develop their imagination, memory and many other mental abilities. Computers

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Computers allow to access the latest of information really quickly Interaction with the world is a great advantage of a computer Large amounts of information become available through them.

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Computer problems Have a virus reboot the system Can not connect run a search to the Internet Computer crashed use anti-virus software Lost some files call your Internet service provider The screen is freezing take it to the Computer service

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My computer keeps crashing. The cursor sticks in the same place and I can not do anything. To do a full scan with your anti-virus software. It could be a virus that’s causing your problem. I have got a problem with my computer:

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Complete the sentences: Adrian has got a problem with………… His computer keeps ……………………. It seems that the cursor………………… Paul suggests switching………………... Adrian will do…………………………….. Paul thinks that the cause of the problem……………………………………

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Are teenagers completely hooked on technology today? Positive: Using the Internet Help at school New skills Make life more enjoyable Comfortable Negative: Teens can get distracted Waste a lot of time Teens become antisocial Life in a virtual reality Health problems

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Computer addiction: symptoms strange behaviour spending large sums of money on computers and software mental health problems Neglecting school or family obligations Using the computer for pleasure or relief from stress

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Learn some of the Net Slang, which is developing over the Internet. It can be useful and a lot of fun. Study the list of such expressions: Cu Ty L8er ? ? :-o Rl Bbl N2m Btw Sys Ly 4u Gf F2f Asap

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The Internet Slang rl bbl n2m btw sys ly 4u gf f2f asap cu ty l8er Real life Be back later Not too much By the way See you soon Love you For you Girlfriend Face to face As soon as possible See you Thank you later

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