The Superiority of High Technologies.”

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The Superiority of High Technologies.” Проектная работа по теме «What Would You Like to Invent « по учебнику В.П. Кузовлёва ученицы 11 класса Андрюшкина К. и Лазарева Л. школа№2 города Лесосибирска Красноярского края учитель: Шалыгина Галина Михайловна

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Наши задачи: 1)изучить материалы подачи рекламы 2)оформить свою идею в виде рекламы 3)продумать необычный подход в презентации своей рекламы ;)защитить свою работу как агенты новосозданной фирмы( The company «Qwerty» )

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About the company Day by day, thanks to development of technology, the era of information had been formed. Our purpose is to become a tool for your happiness in accordance with your needs.

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The company «Qwerty» conducted a survey. People in the street were asked: «Is it convenient for you to use mobile phones?» Dave, 21 years old: No, exactly. When I stand in a overcrowded bus, with newspaper in one hand, and with my bag in another, it is very difficult to get ringing phone out of my pocket. Ashley, 34 year old: Oh, of course, no! Usually when I go home from supermarket, my right hand is busy with bags, besides, I had to lead my children by the other hand… And suddenly phone rings in my bag! Nina, 26 year old. I would like to use something more convenient, actually. It would be great to see invention which allow distance speaking without using hands. ?

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We’ve found the solution!!! Speaking bracelet ! New modern device which can not only be a great accessory, but show the time, receive calls, show notices and even tell you what’s happening with your telephone! The main function of this bracelet is inform owner about incoming messages and calls on owner’s phone! Built-in microphone can let you talk to your friend and even tape the message using your voice! You can even listen to music using Speaking bracelet!

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Connection with your telephone Informing about messages Receiving the calls Listening to music Typing messages by voice Sending these messages from your telephone Showing time Showing reminders Functions

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Speaking Bracelet needs energy to work, so you can easily charge it using special cable! Easy to communicate with your family and Friends. Simple in using. The price is average. Advantages Disadvantage: Because of connection with your phone, the device increases its consumption of energy. Buy Speaking Bracelet and communicate easily! Buy Buy

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Используемые ресурсы 1) 2)«Qwerty» 4) 4)

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Creators: Andrushkina Kate Lazareva Lana 11 A class, School №2. Thanks for attention! 2014 год