Урок английского языка в 9б классе

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Урок английского языка в 9б классе « How to tackle problems» КАК СПРАВЛЯТЬСЯ С ПРОБЛЕМАМИ

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What problems do the teenagers have in everyday’s life

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My parents don’t understand me..

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I’m not allowed to get a job.

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I’m out of luck.

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I can’t get along with my brother.

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I can’t find a job.

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No one listens to me.

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I’m too shy.

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I’m fed up with playing the piano.

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I;m not allowed to go out.

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I’ve got bad marks at school.

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I haven’t got any friends.

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I need pocket money.

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I’d like to be more independent.

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I have too much homework.

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Лексика урока To be allowed-иметь разрешение To be not allowed-не иметь разрешения I’m allowed to go out in the evenings. I’m not allowed to stay late at night.

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To trouble, to have a trouble - беспокоиться Don’t trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.

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To argue-спорить Why do you argue with your parents?

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To discuss - обсуждать Let’s discuss our problems.

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To worry-беспокоиться, волноваться Don’t worry about it any more.

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Arguments-доводы You can tell your arguments for and against

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To feel (depressed, shocked, lonely)-чувствовать себя (подавленным,шокированным, одиноким)

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To be (independent, energetic, surprised) - быть (независимым, удивленным, энергичным)

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To do his best - стараться изо всех сил Do your best to change the situation.

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Listen to the situations and find out: 1.What’s the problem? 2.What should he do?

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A. Let him/her copy my work. B. Help by showing him/her how to do homework but don’t let him/her to copy your work. C. Refuse (отказать) D. Tell your teacher.

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Can you be a psychologist? What would you do if… 1. If my friend told me to try smoking… 2. If I wanted to have more pocket money… 3. If I had bad marks at school… 4. If my parents didn’t understand me… 5. If I had too much homework… 6. If I were too shy… 7. If I didn’t like some boring subjects… 8. If I hadn’t got any friends… A. I would learn some subjects better. B. I would refuse. I think it is stupid to smoke only because you want to be alike your friends. C. I would begin to change. I would try to be more sociable D. I would try to find a job as soon as possible. E. I would work at my character. I would offer my help to someone who needs my help. I think we would become friends. F. I would try to find something interesting, something unusual in these subjects. G. I would ask some of my teachers to speak to my parents. H.I would learn to devise my time correctly. I wouldn’t lose it watching TV and chattering on phone but I wouldn’t give up doing sport, reading, dancing and music.

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Advice of psychologists: 1. Never stay alone with your problem. Tell about it to your best friend, to your parents, to your teacher, to the psychologist. 2. Remember! There aren’t problems without resolutions. Do your best to change the situation. 3. Always be optimistic and cheerful.

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Tell about your problem to your best friend. What proverbs about friends and friendship do you know? A friend in need is a friend indeed. Old friends as old wine are the best. Friendship is forever. A friend to all is a friend to none. Between friends all is common Friendship is not bought at a fair.

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