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Edinburgh Старосельский Александр 5 Б класс

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What old buildings are there? Edinburgh Castle and Holyroodhouse Palace are very famous. The palace is closed when the Queen comes to Edinburgh.

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Is there a good art gallery in Edinburgh? Yes, there is. The National Gallery of Scotland has got paintings by El Greco, Titian, Botticelli, Van Dyck, Monet and Cezanne. There is also the National Gallery of Modern Art.

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Is there a science museum? No, there isn’t. But there is an interesting ‘Science Zone’ in the Royal Museum.

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Are there good shops in Edinburgh? Yes, there are. There are excellent clothes shops in Princes Street and George Street. Jenners is a famous department store. There are souvenir shops in The Royal Mile. There are also two big shopping centres.

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How many football teams are there? There are two football teams, Hearts and Hibs, but there aren’t any world- famous teams. The two famous teams, Celtic and Rangers, are from Glasgow.

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Are there places to swim or ski? There are sport centres with good swimming pools. There isn’t a ski resort near the city but there is an artificial ski slope!

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What is the nightlife like? Fantastic! Visit Rocking Horse or Liquid Room for brilliant music and dancing. And there is the famous ‘Edinburgh Festival’, the cultural event of the year. In August, Edinburgh is one big party with great music, theatre and films!