СЧИТАЛОЧКИна английском языке

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СЧИТАЛОЧКИ на английском языке

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One, two, three, four, five, I am flying in the sky. I am a toy airplane, My name starts with “A”! A

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A cuckoo clock Says “tick-tock”. Who says “cuckoo” You know too!

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One, two, three, four, five, Five fish like to drive. One fish told me, “Let’s play in the sea!”

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How many ducklings Can you see? Quack, quack, quack – One, two, three! 1 3 2

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If you guess Say “yes”, If you don’t know Say “no”. If you doubt Go out! 1+2= 2+2= 3+2= 4+2=

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Mother, father, Sister, brother. One, two, three, four, We are the family of four!

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Polly has two puppies, Peter has one, Pam has a parrot And I have none.

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Lady Lemon goes out, Sir Plum is black and round, Miss Cherry is sweet, You are the first to eat!

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Five o’clock – Time for tea. Take your mug And come to me!

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Xmas pudding, Xmas tree, Xmas time is gay and free. Xmas bells sing “ding-dong”, It’s a merry Xmas song!

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The End Материал взят из книги – «Английская азбука» Татьяна Коти