Phrasal Verbs Student of 11th grade Dyumin Maxim Teacher Korobeynikova G. A. 2011

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МОУ «Корочанская СОШ им. Д.К. Кромского» Phrasal Verbs Student of 11th grade Dyumin Maxim Teacher Korobeynikova G. A. 2011

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Phrasal verbs

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What are phrasal verbs? Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of a verb and a particle

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Particles about around (round) at away back down for in into off on out over through to up

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Why are phrasal verbs important? songs Celine Dion ‘My heart will go on’ newspaper headlines film titles

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What do we need to know about phrasal verbs? Try to think positively about them and try not just understand them Use them in your own speaking and writing

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Meaning The basic meaning of the verb in A refer to concrete actions, but when they are part of phrasal verb, they often have abstract meaning too. The most common verbs Here are the most common verbs that form part of phrasal verbs: break, bring, call, come, cut, get, give, go, keep, knock, look, make, pass, pick, pull, run, set, take, turn

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Synonyms of phrasal verbs A phrasal verb can often be replaced by a single verb with more or less the same meaning, as usual more formal.

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Nouns based on phrasal verbs It is sometimes possible to create a noun from a phrasal verb to rip off > a rip-off to drop out > a dropout to break in > a break-in But, 1) 2) Verb + particle noun forms are sometimes written with a hyphen (break-in), and sometimes without (dropout). 3) In pronunciation stress is on the verb a BREAK-in at the office or a college DROPouts

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Adjectives based on phrasal verbs Some phrasal verbs have noun forms where the particle is first. The stress is usually on the particle. set out > an outset look on > an onlooker There are also adjectives which are based on phrasal verbs. a broken-down vehicle a blocked-up drains

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Meaning A phrasal can have a number of different meanings. to get on One phrasal verb can have metaphorical meaning in addition its literal (basic) meaning.