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STALIN’S BACKGROUND Full name Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin Years of live 1879 – 1953 Nationality Georgian Place of birth Gori, Georgia Family background: Father - shoemaker Mother - servant Lower-middle class

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STALIN’S RISE TO POWER Graduated from Tiflis Seminary In 1899 joined ‘Social Democrats’ party Orgonized workers protests Was exiled to Siberia 6 times

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RUSSIAN REVOLUTION By the time of World War I Stalin gained much respect in the eyes of Lenin In 1917 Leni’s Bolshevik Revolution made stalin the army general Elected for General Secretary of the Communist Party in 1922 Becomes the leader of the USSR in 1930

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STALIN’S EXECUTIONS Stalin killed everyone who in any way could disturb his reign Millions of innocent people killed People obeyed him out of fear

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NAZI PEACE TREATY Signed peace treaty with Hitler Always planned to attack Germany Mobilized USSR army while World War II was starting Wanted to launch a massive attack in the beginning of July, 1941 Hitler guessed Stalin’s plan and attacked first on June 22, 1941 – two weeks before Stalin’s attack

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WORLD WAR II People die for Stalin Stalin’s image of a tyrant converts into an image of a great leader Stalin’s strategy helps Russia to win the war YES IT WAS RUSSIAN WHO WON THE WAR, NOT FUCKING AMERICANS, SHIT DUDE

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THE RESTORATION OF THE USSR Live after World War II…blah…blah…blah

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RUSSIAN GETS THE ATOMIC BOMB 1949 – USSR makes an atomic bomb Russian is the best Go Russian Russia kicks ass Go Russia

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DEATH OF STALIN Stalin dies March 6, 1953 Nation in gief Millions of people come to the funeral People grieved for the person, who killed their families and friends, yet became a beloved leader The end