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Its name comes from the English word ‘emotion’. Emo kid is different from others by his brightly lined eyes, ragged fringes on one side and mainly pink and black colored clothes .Emo boys has black nails and are very thin as if they eat nothing at all. Emo girls wear amusing hair pins, spotted hair bands and T-shirts with The Sponge Bob Square Pants on them. Emo kids are never ashamed of tears and may cry in public. Very often emo kids are depressed, sensitive teenagers which explaines why the subculture is called emo kids. Their sad looks may resemble Goths. But emo kids unlike Goths never dream of dying and get together at cemeteries. The main goal of emo kids is a real love, pure and sensitive. Their love can be compared to the feeling of Romeo and Juliet. But emo kids say they will suffer till the end of their lives if they don’t see the same feeling in answer.

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Music makes emo kids especially passionate. You can see tears in their eyes. Their music is called emo-core. It includes many music styles: hardcore, punk rock, indy and others. An emo-song as a rule a story about unhappy love, injustice, violence and cruelty together with crying and screaming .” My chemical Romance”, “From First to Last”, “From autumn to Ashes” is emo core. A lot of emo kids dance and cry at the same time during emo festivals. True emo kids often have a little cry over sad love songs but never make a show out of it . But sometimes they can’t control themselves.

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True emo kids lead and popularize a healthy way of life. You can’t see an emo kid with a sigarette and a bottle of beer. Othewise these are just people who want to be fashionable. Of course, there are not so many true emo kids in our town. More and more teenagers wear fashionable clothes and fringes on one side that are typical of emo kids. They just like the name ”an emo kid”. This explaines why the emo culture has many followers and a lot of enemies. Many people today feel angry with emo kids.

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Emo is a lifestyle for teenagers . Emo boys look much more amusing than emo girls. It is typical of girls to dress up, but boys dressed in bright tight clothes look funny. Emo boys are very neat as well as girls At first glance you can see little difference beetween an emo girl and an emo boy.

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Emo kids love the same things that other teenagers do: they keep friends, love, smile and cry, go to the cinema or to concerts. Emos just take the world around them in a more emotional way.