Соединенные штаты Америки

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Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение «Маардуская гимназия» Маарду-Таллинн, Эстония Соединенные штаты Америки Подготовила: Наст Галина Петровна учитель английского языка старший преподаватель Маардуской гимназии Маарду-Таллинн Эстония

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The United States of America

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George Washington The USA is situated in the central part of the North American continent. Its Western coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean. The area of the USA is over million square kilometers.

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The flag the USA consists of 13 alternate stripes, sever red and six white. It is called “The Stars and Stripes.”

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Congress The President The Vise President All men and women over 18 The Cabinet Secretaries as heads of the most Important Departments in the Administration The House of Representatives 435 members The Administration The Senate 100 members The people

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THE PRESIDENT THE SUPREME COURT CONGRESS Congress can pass laws over the President’s veto by a two-thirds majority The President can Veto laws passed by Congress The Senate must approve the President’s judicial appointments The Court can declare laws unconstitutional The President appoints federal judges The Court can declare presidential acts unconstitutional

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The capital of the USA is Washington in the district of Columbia.

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New-York is the largest city and port in the United States. It is the financial and business center of the capitalist world.

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Public holidays in the USA New Year Thanksgiving Day Indecent dense Day Christmas

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