My Toy Story or The Rainbow Hedgehogs

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My Toy Story or The Rainbow Hedgehogs Podlesnaya Elizaveta

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I have got seven rainbow hedgehogs. Each of them has its own colour and character. The red hedgehog is Happiness, the violet hedgehog is Peace, the yellow one is Goodness, the white one is Gladness, the green one is Health, the blue one is Luck, the pink hedgehog is Love.

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The hedgehogs bring love, happiness, health and peace to my family.

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But once when my family has a picnic, the wicked magician Black Hook comes to our flat. He doesn’t want us to be happy, healthy and lucky..

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So he takes his black magic stick and makes the hedgehog grey statues.

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When I with my mum, dad and brother come back home, we see the grey hedgehogs and we are very sad. But suddenly it becomes rainy and sunny outside.

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And then there is a bright rainbow in the sky. And the hedgehogs are coloured and bright again! Now The Black Hook is gone and we never see him.

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And my mum, dad, my brother and I are happy again!!!

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It’s me and my hedgehogs.

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THE END Thank you for your attention!

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