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Everyone Loves a Good Book! Уважаемый Оргкомитет! Я был рад читать такие интересные книги и делать обзор по прочитанным страницам. Это мой первый конкурс с Вами, но надеюсь – далеко не последний. С уважением, Владимир, Старый Оскол, 2009. Гнездюков Владимир Александрович Дата рождения 13.01.1995 МОУ СОШ №12, город Старый Оскол, мкр. Лебединец, 28; индекс 309509 Учитель Гулов Артем Петрович 8 919 434 20 53 [email protected]

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Charles Dickens This story is about young girl, Esther, whose life is full of troubles and ordeals. She had been grown up as an orphan to have known one day she had a mother, Lady, living in a large estate with a rich husband. The author shows us a long-running litigation as a core of the novel, with a lot of subplots; the flaws of Chancery law system of courts are criticized strongly. Our heroine is a plain girl with bygone beauty but full of sense and with touchy soul. She cannot marry the man she loves until she is freed from her previous engagement. However, finally she gets her deserved happiness – a cozy family nest with her beloved under their own roof. ". . . I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free. Mankind will surely not deny to Harold Skimpole what it concedes to the butterflies." My dear old doll! I was such a shy little thing that I seldom dared to open my lips, and never dared to open my heart, to anybody else. Bleak House

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Esther Summerson – lives without parents with her aunt, who she thinks is her Godmother Richard Carstone – rather naughty and irresponsible boy, a ward Ada Clare — another ward of Chancery, falls in love with Richard John Jarndyce - guardian of Richard, Ada, and Esther, Bleak House is his property Honoria, Lady Dedlock – mother of Esther, her moral failings led her to death Mr Tulkinghorn — the Dedlock family lawyer. Dishonest, finally get murdered. Inspector Bucket — a detective Jo — homeless boy from who Esther catches her disease Allan Woodcourt – a man who loves Esther and marries her LIFE LOVE PASSION PAIN

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I am turmeric who rose out of the ocean of milk when the devas and asuras churned for the treasures of the universe. I am turmeric who came after the nectar and before the poison and thus lie in between. I am a Mistress of Spices. But the spices are my love. Yes, they all hold magic… Each day has a color, a smell. Tilo is a magician, and her best friends are spices. She can command them in order to help people, Her people, from her native India-from community. She serves them but has no love-life. Nevertheless, one day she met a guy – an American one – and then troubles started to happen. Each spice has a day special to it. Spices. They are demanding your attention fully, you must be devoted to them. Only proving true love you are allowed to love people.

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Ahuja’s wife has problems with her husband Jagjit is not happy in his school where he is bullied Haroun lives an American dream but unsuccessfully coriander for sight turmeric to erase wrinkles cinnamon for finding friends fenugreek to make a rejected wife desirable again chillies for the cleansing of evil LOVE FOR PASSION DEVOTION FOR HAPPINESS KISSES FOR TOUCHES WOMAN FOR MAN

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"The Perfect Storm" Sebastian Junger How do men act on a sinking ship? Do they hold each other? Do they pass around the whisky? Do they cry? It's no fish ye're buying, it's men's lives. Strong men with no tears on their severe faces would have known their destiny. And their destination – as it was nowhere. Just Mr Death have been looking forward to their souls – there is nobody to save them. Did I do that? Yeah. Jesus. All collapsed, and the great shroud of the sea rolled on as it had five thousand years ago.

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Billy Tyne is the captain of the Andrea Gail Bobby Shatford is the youngest guy, just to die before supposed marriage Chris Cotter, the heartbroken fiance of Bobby Shatford, doesn't believe in his death Murph Sully The Atlantic Ocean It is evidently no chances to struggle with Nature. You can win today and tomorrow but once you will lose your life – forever, and ever. Beauty can be perfect when it bears Life. Storm never bears Life – that’s why it is perfect.