Scotland is an amazing Land

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Scotland is an amazing Land Pupil:Sakaeva Alina 7 «В» form School №2 Teacher:Stepanova L.M.

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Scotland lies to the north of England. It is very attractive country with a rich history and traditions. People who live in Scotland are Scots.

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There are nine big cities and towns in Scotland.

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Aberdeen Aberdeen is a historical town, famous for its parks and gardens. There are a lot of castles and factories in the town.

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The tourists can see the Cathedral, the Art Gallery, the Museums of Sea.

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Glasgow Glasgow is the largest city of Scotland. The city is very attractive for the tourists. The festivals are held here every year.

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It is rich in ancient architecture, castles.

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Glasgow is famous for the Scotland Opera, the National Theatre, the Botanic Garden, the Art Gallery.

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Inverness It has a name of the river Ness. There is a mountain Ben-Nevis not far from this town.

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Inverness is famous for whisky, bagpipe. The tourists can visit the museum, where there is a rich collection of art, ancient things.

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Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It is a beautiful city. It is famous for festivals, castles, museums and libraries, for its writers Walter Scott, Robert Burns, Robert Luis Stevenson.

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Robert Burns (1756-1796)is a famous Scottish poet, he is the author of the Scottish song «Auld Lang syne» («Доброе старое время»).

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Edinburgh remains the centre of life of Scotland.

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Door to Heaven on an Edinburgh street.

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Edinburgh Castle Edinburg Castle is the main sight for tourists, because it is the most famous castle with very rich history in Scotland. The ancient part of this castle is the chapel of XII century.

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Edinburgh Zoo Edinburgh Zoo was opened in 1913. It is famous for penguins and other animals.

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The Museum of Scotland The Musem of Scotland is a sight in historical old city. All history of Scotland and rich national galleries are represented here.

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The Museum of Childhood This museum is attractive for the children, they can see a big collection of toys, suits of Queen Victoria Time.

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Abbey and the Palace of Holyrood The Palace of Holyrood is the old royal residence.

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Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre The tourists have an opportunity to taste and buy more than 100 sorts of whisky.

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Scottish National Gallery Scottish National Gallery – one of the best gallery in Scotland. Then is a great picture collection of famous painters.

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Loch Ness Loch Ness – is a big lake in Scotland (37 km). This lake is famous for the legend about Loch Ness monster ( «Nessi»). The lake is deep and long, the water is turbid.

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Ben Nevis mountain Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain (1343 m). It is represented as «the gates to the Highlands».

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Busby – a tall fur hat worn by certain British soldiers.

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Glengarry – is a Scottish woolen cap with ribbons, named after Glen Garry a valley in the Highlands.

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Kilt – is national Scottish clothes, traditional clothes of Highlander. Kilt is a part of military uniform in British army. People wear kills sport competitions, music and dance festivals.

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Bagpipes is a Scottish musical instrument.