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Relief On the main territory of the country to the West from Atlantic Coastal plain Appalachsky mountains behind which Central valley (200—500 m over ocean level), a plateau Great Plains (600-1500) is allocated were stretched. All West is occupied by a range of Cordilleras.

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Arrangement The main territory of the USA (named continental states) is allocated on North American continent and stretched from Atlantic ocean in the east to Pacific ocean in the west. In the south of the USA bound with Mexico, in the north — with Canada. Besides, the structure of the USA includes 2 more staff. In the extreme northwest of continent there is the State of Alaska also bounding with Canada. In Pacific ocean there is the State of Hawaii. The boundary with Russia passes through Bering strait. The USA the number of islands in Caribbean sea (for example, Puerto Rico) and in Pacific ocean (American Samoa, Miduej, Guam, etc.) also belongs.

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The nature. Natural minerals. A climate As the country is allocated in the big territory, in it almost all climatic allowed bands — from the Arctic climate in the north of Alaska to tropical in the State of Hawaii and in the south of Florida are presented.

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Bowels are rich with stores of various natural minerals, including — stone and brown coal, iron and manganous ore. Cordilleras, Colorado plateau, Great Plains and Gulf plain possess deposits copper, zinc, lead, silver, хромитовых, vanadic, tungsten, молибденовых, titanic, polymetallic, uranium, mercury ores, gold, sulphur, phosphates and other chemical raw materials.

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Slopes of Cordilleras are covered by dense coniferous woods, Appalachian mountains — woods from широколиственных breeds; prairies almost does not remain. In the north of Alaska the tundra vegetation is extended. The rivers which have derivated deep canyons, concern pools running into Pacific ocean. Mississipi (with inflow of Missouri) — one of the longest river systems of a planet — was stretched on 6 420 km. On boundary with Canada there are Great Lakes — Upper, Guron, Michigan, Erie, Ontario.

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Number 1790 — 3,9 million people 1860 — 31,4 million people 1900 — 76,2 million people 1971 — 216,8 million people 1983 — 234,2 million people 2000 — 275,6 million people 2007 — 303,3 million people 2008 — 305,1 million people 2009 — 308,0 million people

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The white house Represents a private residence in палладианском style (architect James Hoban). Building has started in 1792, has terminated on November, 1st 1800. The same day the second US president John Adams became its first master.

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Originally «the Presidential palace» or «the Presidential private residence» was named, the first colloquial use of the term «White house» concerns to 1811. Official the name became only in 1901 under Teodora Roosevelt's instruction. About 1909 workstation of the president is in the Oval office in the left wing of a building. In journalistic language the term «White house» is used as a synonym of Presidential Administration of the USA (similarly "the Kremlin", «the Elisejsky palace», etc.) It is represented on a banknote in 20 dollars.

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Freedom statue The goddess of freedom holds a torch in the right hand and the tablet in the left. The inscription on the tablet says «English JULY IV MDCCLXXVI» («on July, 4th 1776»), date of signing of the Declaration of independence. One foot "Freedom" costs on the divided fetters.

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Big printing of the USA Big printing of the USA (English Great Seal of the United States) — is used to confirm authenticity of the documents released by the government of the United States of America. The US state secretary is considered an official saver of the Big press. To see the Big press it is possible in the State department showroom in Washington. Feature of the Big press of the USA is presence of two unequal sides while usually the press have only one side.

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Face On a press face the white-headed sea eagle who is the national character of the USA is represented. In one paw it holds 13 arrows, in another the olive branch, symbolising that the United States of America «look for peace, but are always ready to war».

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The olive branch is traditionally represented with 13 leaves and 13 olives. The head of an eagle is turned towards an olive branch that means большее preference to the world, instead of war. In a beak the eagle holds a roll with an inscription on Latin «E Pluribus Unum» that is translated as «from many — uniform». Over a head of an eagle 13 stars in a blue cloud are allocated. Stars are allocated in strings 1-4-3-4-1, forming a six-finite star. On a breast for an eagle a board with 13 red both white bars and 50 stars on a dark blue background.

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Underside On a press underside not completed pyramid which top is crowned with an eye in a triangle is represented. It consists of thirteen levels traditionally symbolising 13 states, originally the a part USA: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Nju-Gempshir, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, Northern Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia. At the first level date by 1776 Roman numerals — MDCCLXXVI is put. The eye at pyramid top means «the Foresight Eye». The inscription «Annuit C ? ptis» means «our undertakings are blest». The phrase allocated on a roll under a pyramid says «Novus Ordo Seclorum» — «the New order forever».

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