Anansi Goes Fishing

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Anansi Goes Fishing Compound Words Created by Karen Bazan

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What are compound words? Compound words are two words that are put together to make one word. For example, look at this word. basketball basket is one word and ball is another word

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What are the two words that make up this next compound word? someone some one

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Try this one. weekend week end

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Here’s another one to try. something some thing

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Okay, see if you know this one. birthday birth day

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Let’s see if you can guess the rest of the words. riverbank river bank

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bathtub bath tub

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backyard back yard

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driveway drive way

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bedtime bed time

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raindrop rain drop

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mailbox mail box

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grandparent grand parent

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rattlesnake rattle snake

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earthquake earth quake