Western Democracies.

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Western Democracies. Are they democratic ? ©Михайлова В.А.

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Discuss the questions : What kinds of political systems do you know ? How do they work in different countries ? Do people take an active part in politics ? Do you want to take part in politics ? Why? ©Михайлова В.А.

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What is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ? ©Михайлова В.А.

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British Monarchy Buckingham Palace is the monarch's principal residence. ©Михайлова В.А.

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Who is the head of the UK ? ©Михайлова В.А.

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Born :April 21, 1926 London, United Kingdom Reign: February 6, 1952 - Present Coronation:June 2, 1953 Heir Apparent : Charles, Prince of Wales Spouse : Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Royal House : Windsor ©Михайлова В.А.

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Early Life Princess Elizabeth changing the wheel of a lorry during the war. The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh on their wedding day. ©Михайлова В.А.

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Queen’s emblems The Queen's personal flag, used when she is representing the Commonwealth The Queen's Coat of Arms in the United Kingdom ©Михайлова В.А.

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Who makes laws in the UK ? ©Михайлова В.А.

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British Parliament The House of Commons: about 650 elected MPs The House of Lords : over 1,100 non-elected members ©Михайлова В.А.

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What institution represents the executive power in the UK ? ©Михайлова В.А.

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The Government Prime Minister of the United Kingdom In office since : 11 May 2010 Deputy :Nick Clegg Preceded by : Gordon Brown Born : October,9, 1966 London,England Political party : Conservative Spouse :Samantha Sheffield David Cameron ©Михайлова В.А.

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The USA Is it a monarchy or a republic ? Who heads the country ? ©Михайлова В.А.

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The United States of America The President In office since : 2009 Preceded by :George W. Bush Born: August 4, 1961 Political party : the Democratic party Spouse: Michelle Obama (m. 1992) Children: Malia Ann (b.1998) Sasha (b.2001) ©Михайлова В.А. Barack Obama

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The National Emblem “E Pluribus Unum”- “One out of many”. An eagle , holding a bangle of rods (the symbol of administer) and an olive twig (the emblem of love) Red - courage, White - liberty, Blue - loyalty The Bald Eagle. The Stars and the Stripes and Old Glory. ©Михайлова В.А.

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Branches of Power the Capitol- the USA Congress- the legislative branch the Supreme court- the Supreme Court – the judicial branch the White House- the USA President- the executive branch ©Михайлова В.А.

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What are the main political parties in the USA ? What are their emblems? ©Михайлова В.А.

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Political Parties the Republican party resides at present in White House The Democratic party ©Михайлова В.А.

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The national motto of the USA is          In God We Trust. ©Михайлова В.А.

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What country do you live in ? Are you a patriot ? ©Михайлова В.А.

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The Russian Federation The President In office since : May 7, 2012 Preceded by : Vladimir Putin Born : October,7,1952 Spouse : Lyudmila Children : 2 daughters Mariya Yekaterina ©Михайлова В.А. Vladimir Putin

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National emblems of Russia Two-headed eagle- the most ancient symbol of Russia Three-coloured banner with three horizontal stripes: White –the earth, Blue –the sky, Red - liberty ©Михайлова В.А.

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Legislative power The Federation Council: 2 representatives from each federal subject The State Duma : 450 deputies ©Михайлова В.А.

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The Government The Prime Minister Born : September, 14, 1965 In office since : May,8,2012 The Federal Government - the executive power The Supreme Court – the judicial power Dmitry Medvedev ©Михайлова В.А.

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Conclusion People of different countries live in different political systems All nations have their historical traditions Every country has its own state symbols Every citizen must be a patriot of his country and respect it ©Михайлова В.А.