Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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British open rear doors of houses, and then open the front door to let n the new year

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Omela is a traditional Christmas tree, decorated with English at home.

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According the custom, once a year, on Christmas Eve ,men have a right to kiss any girl stood under an ornament from this plant

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When James Belushi was not a famous actor, he worked part time in a small town of Santa Claus

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Writer O'Brien Henry became famous thanks to Christmas

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Christmas pudding was first made as a kind of thick soup with raisin and wine in it

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Before going to bed the children put on the table a plate for gifts that they bring Santa Claus to put the hay in the shoes - a feast for the donkey.

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Slightly before the New Year comes, begins to ring the bell. But, in order not to scare off the New Year, it is hidden under a blanket. At midnight the bell free from the blanket, and it begins to ring loudly, signaling the start of the new year.

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Year will be successful if, after the clock strikes midnight and ushered in the New Year, the first guest in the house is a young man with dark hair.

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According to custom, the first guests entered the house, silently goes to the fireplace and there throwing a piece of coal, and then all congratulate each other. First guest must-fed.

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After the fight, the bell people sing a hymn in honor of the new year.