Information in the modern world

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Information in the modern world

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Mass media

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Sources of Information

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Press in Britain

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Press in britain

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Problem: Is it real to find certain information in british press? What should we do?

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Findind information headline condensed celebrity crime to focus intriguing weather forecast financial tabloid broadsheet

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Finding information 1.Skim the text and find the name two main kinds of the newspapers in Britain. 2. Scan the text and answer the teacher`s questions.

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Choosing information Find the best Russian equivalents: Tabloid a)таблоид; b) жёлтая пресса; с) лёгкое чтение. Broadsheet a) независимая газета; b) серьёзная газета; с) широкоформатная газета

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Which of this newspapers are tabloids or broadsheets ?

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Broadsheets Tabloids The Independent The Times The Guardian The Sun The Daily Express The Daily Mirror The Daily Mail The Metro

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Мatch the expressions with the russian newspapers: intriguing headlines a weather forecast crossword puzzles celebrity gossip an article about politics

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Test yourselves:

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Where will you look for this information? - If I need information about…, I look for it in the …(tabloids, broadsheets), because they write a lot about… Use the expressions:

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Problem: Is it real to find certain information in british press? 1.Sort the newspapers according their format (broadsheets or tabloids). 2.Read the headlines. 3.Look the photos. 4.Read some articles more attentively.

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How to solve a problem ? Step 1. Finding information. Step 2. Comparing and analysing information. Step 3. Defending your position. Step 4. Making conclusions. Step 5. Using practical knowledge.

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How do you like the lesson? Now I know Mark by plus+ or minus -

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Homework: Prepare a talk about any Russian newspaper. Ex.B, p.110.