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Present Perfect

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Употребление Действие недавно закончилось, и есть его результат. Действие произошло в период времени, который еще не закончился. Действие началось в прошлом и продолжается в настоящее время. В предложении употребляются глаголы have, like, know, be и другие, не имеющие формы continuous, а также предлоги for или since.

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Examples: Kim has bought a new mobile phone. I have seen Bob today. I have known Mary for four years.

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Have gone (to) –Have been (to) They have gone to school. They have been to school.

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Утверждение I /You/We/They have written a letter. I /You/We/They have typed a report. He/She has written a letter. The printer has typed a report.

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Вопрос Have I/You/We/They written a letter? Have I/You/We/They typed a report? Has He/She written a letter? Has the printer typed a letter?

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Маркеры В утверждениях: already – уже just – только что for – в течение … since – c … always – всегда recently - недавно so far – к настоящему моменту today, this week/month …

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Examples: We have already seen this film. I have just posted the letter. She has always wanted to travel abroad. He has recently published a book. She has been a teacher since 1996. I have had this dog for three years. This young actress has played seven leading roles so far.

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Маркеры В вопросах: yet – уже еver – когда-либо how long – как долго lately – в последнее время, недавно

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Examples: Has Paul left yet? How long have you lived here? Have you seen any good films lately?

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Examples: Have you ever met anybody famous?

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Маркеры В отрицаниях: yet – ещё (не)… never – никогда for – в течение since – c … lately - недавно

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Examples: She hasn’t answered my letter yet. I have never been to Spain. I haven’t seen you for ages. They haven’t been abroad since 2005. I haven’t seen John lately.

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Have в устойчивых выражениях: Have breakfast/lunch/dinner I’ve already had lunch. Have a cold Lucy has had a cold for two days. Have a shower Lukas has just had a shower.