Концепт «WOMANHOOD» в современном английском языке

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Концепт «WOMANHOOD» в современном английском языке Автор: Васильева Диана, 9 класс Руководитель: О.Н. Кашкарева, учитель английского языка

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Задачи: Выделить и проанализировать лексические единицы со значением «WOMANHOOD» Выделить и проанализировать содержательные характеристики концепта «WOMANHOOD»

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Имя и слова-репрезентанты концепта «Womanhood» Womanhood Womanish Feminine Womanly Ladylike

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Концептуальные признаки «Womanhood» HAPPINESS «счастье» EQUALITY OF RIGHTS «равноправие» SENSE OF HUMOUR «чувство юмора» DRESSING «одежда» FEELING OF BALANCE «чувство баланса»

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WOMANHOOD – HAPPINESS Womanhood is to fly like a bee in a beautiful garden full of flowers or soar in the sky and fly like a swan crossing distinct lands and oceans. It’s a feeling of freedom, happiness and fun and it’s an attitude to live a life to the fullest for the sake of your own self as well as for others.

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WOMANHOOD - EQUALITY OF RIGHTS Womanhood is defined as the state of time being a woman. It is also define by the composite of qualities thought to be appropriate to or representative of women. Womanhood in previous time compared to today is totally different. Woman wasn’t able to have job in industrial plant as today, they also was stereotype based on gender for certain jobs. Today a woman can equally qualify for a job as same as a man for example law enforcement. Womanhood has definitely changed giving woman more equally rights in today’s society.

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WOMANHOOD – SENSE OF HUMOUR If Polish women are to be stereotyped for anything, can't we be stereotyped for our intellect? At least English women are known for having a great sense of humour!

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WOMANHOOD - DRESSING First, my manner is lady like and that ultimately makes me feel feminine no matter what I wear. For me, feminine dressing is more about an attitude and a state of mind, than it is about the specific items that I wear — I have a feminine attitude and act in a feminine way. So to a large extent for my style, feminine dressing comes from within.  Second, and more superficial, I still wear stereotypically feminine accessories and lipstick along with masculine clothing and footwear. This goes a long way to making me feel like a girly girl. Womanhood is something I am, femininity is something I wear. Femininity is not inherent to me, not an essential identity.

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WOMANHOOD – FEELING OF BALANCE Womanhood is that divine aspect of nature which personifies love, compassion, nurturing, healing and unification of forces. It is feeling of balance and oneness with nature. It is feeling of universal freedom which is creative, constructive and generative in nature.

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