Урок английского языка 9 класс

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Урок английского языка 9 класс Учитель МОУ СОШ № 62 г. Липецка Лобанова Наталья Михайловна

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Тема урока: Health Is Better Than Wealth.

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Цель урока: Познакомить учащихся с проблемами окружающей среды в прошлом; воспитывать положительное отношение к здоровому образу жизни; научить формулировать выводы из прочитанного.

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Ход урока. 1.Речевая подготовка. You look great today. No bad habits? A healthy life style? But a lot of teenagers look pale and tired. What’s the reason for it? What do you know about the statistics in Great Britain? What diseases can it cause? Do you think that the situation with the Russian teenagers is the same? Do you face the same problems? T :

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2.Good and Bad Habits Getting up early Regular meals Sleeping seven or eight hours Eating healthy food Playing sport Smoking and drinking alcohol Eating between meals Sleeping too much or too little Skipping breakfast Physical inactivity Obesity

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Работа с диалогом(аудирование). Prove that sport is useful in our life. I think… I believe… Besides… More than that… In my opinion…

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3.Аудирование Arguments against smoking,alcohol, drugs make(s)… teeth yellow skin unhealthy hair and clothes smell speech unclear brain centres sleep cause(s)… a cough a headache pneumonia cancer blood disease heart disease brain disease slow reactions loss of memory affect(s)… the whole family the people around you your knowledge your social controls

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4.Работа с текстом. а) аудирование. Do you think that life was better a hundred years ago?

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b)чтение текста.  Read the text and decide which statements are true or false, tick(v) the appropriate boxes.

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c)проблема для обсуждения Pollution. Environmental Influence. Do we have the same problem in Lipetsk?

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четверг, 18 мая 2017 г. Работу выполнила Лобанова Н.М. 11 5.Подведение итогов. PROVERBS AND SAYINGS. An apple a day keeps doctor away. Custom is a second nature. Eat at pleasure, drink at measure. Good health is above wealth. Wealth is nothing without health.