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Investment and construction company “MTN” INVESTMENT PROJECT COTTAGE VILLAGE «ZVONKOVOE»

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Коттеджный городок «Звонковое» Land Plot Location 162 Ha Kiev-Zhitomir Highway Kiev-Odessa Highway Access roads Projected New Ring Road of Kiev

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Коттеджный городок «Звонковое» Projected New Ring Road of Kiev Land Plot Location, 162 Ha

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Коттеджный городок «Звонковое» Kiev Land Plot Location, 162 Ha Projected New Ring Road of Kiev Kiev-Odessa Highway Access road

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Land plot characteristics: Land area – 162 ha (as a single array) Is owned by 2 legal entities Land plot zoning – for personal usage Is attached to the village borders of the village Zvonkovoe, of Vasilkovskiy district of Kiev region Is located next to the borders of Kievo-Svyatoshinskij district The distance from the city borders of Kiev – 23 km, from the city centre of Kiev – 33 km Is attached to the forest array 13 ha of forest is located in the centre of the land plot – an excellent place for the organization of recreation zone Коттеджный городок «Звонковое»

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Offered land plot Forest array 13 ha of forest in centre of the land plot Коттеджный городок «Звонковое»

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The concept of construction is based upon the marketing research of the demand for lodgings in Kiev and Kiev region Identified results – the maximum demand is for economy class lodgings Offered cottage area – 120-140 m2, land plot area – 600-800 m2 Taking the house price of $1500 per m2 (including the land plot) the house price in the cottage village “Zvonkovoe” would not exceed $200 000 This format provides the real alternative for the apartments in multifloor houses in the sleeping districts of Kiev Коттеджный городок «Звонковое»

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The neighboring cottage villages – “Vodograj” (Osikovoe village) and “Yasnogorodnoe” (Yasnogorodnoe village) – taking the construction at prime cost, the land plots are being sold at $15 000 per 100 m2 In the neighboring village Ivankov, Krushinka, Zvonkovoe, Kalinovka, Boyarka – the price of the land plots is $10 000 – 15 000 per 100 m2. Коттеджный городок «Звонковое»