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MAKE or DO? We use ‘MAKE’: 1. To talk about creating or constructing Examples: We need to make a new plan by Monday. The company makes packages. 2. With nouns connected with talking or making sounds Example: I’d like to make a complaint. Those machines make much noise. 3. With nouns connected with travel: Example: I have made ten customer visits this week. We had to make a long journey to find this place. 4. With following expressions: to make an appointment to make a choice to make a start to make arrangements to make money to make an attempt to make progress We use ‘DO’: 1. To talk about activities without exactly mentioning what they are Examples: What’s she doing? Are you doing anything tonight? 2. To talk about work or task Example: Have you done your homework yet? It was a pleasure doing business with you. 3.With a determiner (the, some)+ing to talk about activities that are repeated or take some time Example: Could you do some photocopying for me please? We need time to do the filing. 4. With following expressions: to do good to do your best to do harm to do (someone) a favour