Parks-the place of rest. The Present Perfect Урок в 5 классе

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Parks-the place of rest. The Present Perfect Урок в 5 классе Подготовила: Учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ №1 с.Кызыл-Мажалык Хажики Зарина Алдын-ооловна

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Listen and repeat [r] - green [p] - park [h] - Hyde [s] - St. [d?]- James’s [k] - Kensington [?] - Garden [a:] - Gastello [t?] - Churgui-ool

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Парк - любимое место лондонцев.

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Hyde Park Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London. It is famous for its Speakers’ Corner. (Уголок ораторов)

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Green Park The Green Park is a park in Westminster. It lies between London's Hyde Park and St. James's Park.

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St. James’s Park It is the oldest of the Royal Parks of London. In the park you can feed the swans, geese and ducks.

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Regent’s Park It is one of the most beautiful parks of London. London Zoo is in Regent’s park

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Kensington Gardens Kensington Gardens (сады) are near the Kensington Palace. You can see the statue of Peter Pan there.

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Gastello Park It is a national park of our republic and named after the Russian aviator, Hero of the Soviet Union, Nikolai Gastello.

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Churgui-ool Park It’s the park of rest and culture. The park is named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Kh.N.Churgui-ool.

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Eg. What a green park! What a _________park! Nice, big, beautiful, wonderful, large Let’s wonder the parks

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I say a verb and you give the three forms of it. Be – Buy – Have – Take – Win – Write – ключ

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The key Be – was, were – been Buy – bought – bought Have – had – had Take – took – taken Win – won – won Write – wrote – written

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1.-Excuse me, have you ever been to Green Park ? 2.-Of course, I have. /No, I have never been there. Make up the dialogues Hyde Park Churgui-ool Park Gastello Park Kensington Gardens

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Заполнение с помощью учебника логико-смысловой модели настоящего совершенного времени. Упр.98, с.115

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The keys 2. has recently written 3. Has just won 4. Has already finished 5. Has recently bought 6. Has just taken

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What have we learnt? What have we seen? What have we visited? Where have we been?