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Shakespeare’s major ___________ as a poet is his sonnets, first published in 1609. a) great deal b) success c) achievement 2. A sonnet is a poem _____________ of 14 lines, with a moral in the end. a) consisting b) containing c) full of 3. The sonnets deal with the great ________ of love, friendship, death, change and immortality. a) definitions b) words c) themes 4. Shakespeare’s ________ are excellent. a) poetry b) sonnets c) talent 5. They are full of harmony and ______ ; they praise love, friendship and beauty, though there is no sentimentality in them. a) music b) musical c) musician CHOOSE THE RIGHT WORD AND PUT IT IN THE GAP achievement consisting themes sonnets music

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FORM A WORD USING THE ONES IN THE RIGHT COLOMN known usually solution conclusion publishers loosely

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USE to WHERE NECESSARY Let us ___ visit Stratford on the 23 April, that’s the day when Shakespeare was born. 2. – Don’t forget ___ visit Anne Hathaway's cottage when you come to Stratford. – I would love ___ , but I am not sure we will have time ___ do it. – We are going ___ read one of Shakespeare’s plays in school. I think the teacher said ‘Hamlet” or “Othello” – I am not sure. – She certainly wants you ___ read “Hamlet”. – I expect you ___ finish reading “Romeo and Juliet” by the end of January. – I don’t think I’ll be able ___ finish the play so early. – I can’t ___ read Shakespeare in the original. – Nobody expects you ___ do it. But you should ___ read at least some of his plays in Modern English. v to to to to to to to to v v

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William Shakespeare, ... greatest English playwright, was born in 1564 in ... Stratford-upon-Avon in ... England. ... Stratford is ... small country town in ... farming district near ... centre of ... England. ... Avon is ... pretty river which runs through ... Stratford. ... little house in which ... great writer was born still stands. It is now ... museum. In 1586 he went to ... London. He did ... first work in … theatre there. Then he became ... actor and soon began to write ... plays. Shakespeare bought ... largest house in his home town in 1597, but he did not spend much time there till 1610. He died on … 23rd of … April, 1616. PUT ARTICLES WHERE NECESSARY the v v v The v v v the the the the the the v a a a The a an v

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PUT VERBS IN active OR passive Shakespeare’s Theatre Shakespeare's Globe was rather different from modern theatres. The plays _____________ (perform) in the open air and the audience ____ (get) wet if it rained. There was no scenery, and the only lighting was the daylight that ______ (come) from the open roof above. So, most plays __________ (give) in the afternoon. Women in those days _____ not _______ (allow) to act in public and all the parts ___________ (play) by men. Before a new play _______ (start) the flag _________ (raise). The town folk ___ (get) into their boats and ______ (row) across the river to see a new play by William Shakespeare. But if the weather was bad, the flags __________ (pull) down and the performance ____________ (cancel). were pulled was raised were performed got came were given were allowed were played started got rowed was cancelled

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Enthusiastic citizens would generally send their servants two or three hours before to keep _______ for them. Few ________ , except those of the lowest classes, attended public theatres in Elizabeth's time. If a lady went to see a performance, she _______ a mask. ____ the summer of 1613, during the performance of Shakespeare's King Henry VIII The Globe caught fire and was burnt to the ground. The theatre _____________ in 1614, but a new blow fell upon it in 1616. Shakespeare’s Theatre USE THE NECESSARY WORD IN EACH GAP seats women wore In was rebuild

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Stratford-upon-Avon is the ……… where the famous writer/poet William Shakespeare was born in 1564. He married a lady called Ann Hathaway, and had three ………… . Soon afterwards he left the town to work for a successful theatre company in …………, sending money back to support his wife and children. He ……… 37 plays. They were usually performed first in the ………. Theatre. When Shakespeare retired he moved back to Stratford, and ……… there in 1616. PUT A NECESSARY WORD IN THE GAP Shakespeare’s Life town children London wrote Globe died