The GameWho Wants to Be a Millionaire?Итоговое занятие по английскому языку Игра «Кто хочет стать миллионером» 9 класс

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The Game Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Итоговое занятие по английскому языку Игра «Кто хочет стать миллионером» 9 класс

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You have 15 questions or levels; if you answer a question incorrectly, then you lose all the money you have won, except that the 1000 and 32000 prizes are guaranteed. And you have 3 prompts: the call to the friend, the help of the audience, and the help of the computer. Here are the points: 1. 100 9. 16000 2. 200 10. 32000 («5») 3. 400 11. 64000 4. 500 12. 125000 5. 1000(«4») 13. 250000 6. 2000 14. 500000 7. 4000 15. 1000000 («5/5») 8. 8000

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THE FIRST SELECTION SET 1. Take your sheets paper and pens. 2. Arrange these American holiday as they appear in the year. A. Valentine’s Day B. Halloween C. New Year D. Christmas

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Key: C, A ,B, D.

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1. (100) Who discovered America? a. Christopher Columbus b. The Pilgrims c. George Washington d. Amerigo Vespucci

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2. (200) Christopher Columbus landed in America in… a. 1620 b. 1942 c. 1492 d. 1630

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3. (400) Who was looking for gold in Alaska? a. Mark Twain b. Ernest Hemingway c. Ray Bradbury d. Jack London

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4. (500) Who wasn’t born in the USA. a. Alexander Bell b. Orville Wright c. Henry Ford d. Wilbur Wright

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5. (1000) What is the capital of Georgia? a. Los Angeles b. Washington c. San Francisco d. Atlanta

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6. (2000) His professional career lasted for 70 years. a. Tomas Jefferson b. John C. Portman, Jr. c. Frank L. Wright d. Orville Wright

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7. (4000) Who has a lot of impersonators? a. Elvis Presley b. Barbra Streisand c. Steven Spielberg d. Eleanor Roosevelt

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8. (8000) Which leader was born in slavery. a. Abraham Lincoln b. Benjamin Franklin c. Harriet Tubman d. Eleanor Roosevelt

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9. (16000) He is a famous American artist. a. Norman Rockwell b. Robert Lee Frost c. Jack London d. Benjamin Franklin

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10. (32000) In which month is Thanksgiving Day celebrated? a. December b. February c. November d. March

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11. (64000) Eleanor Roosevelt dealt with… a. education b. foreign affairs c. army d. writing poems

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12. (125000) Who is regarded as the most successful director of Hollywood? a. Louis Armstrong b. Elvis Presley c. Barbra Streisand d. Steven Spielberg

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13. (25000) America celebrates it on the 4th of July. a. St. Valentine’s Day b. Thanksgiving Day c. Independence Day d. Mother’s Day

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14. (500000) He wrote imaginative science – fiction stories. a. Ray Bradbury b. Ernest Hemingway c. Robert Frost d. Jack London

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15. 1000000 Portman Jr. Lived most of his life in… a. Atlanta b. Boston c. New York d. Washington

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THE SECOND SELECTION SET Arrange these cities from the youngest to the oldest. A. Boston B. St. Petersburg C. Moscow D. Kaluga

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1. (100) Who was the first president of the USA? a. London b. F.D. Roosevelt c. George Washington d. Bill Clinton

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2. (200) Where is the Statue of Liberty located? a. New York b. Massachusetts c. California d. Atlanta

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3. ( 400) The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of… a. Italy b. England c. Russia d. France

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4. (500) Who built the first mass produced car? a. Benjamin Franklin b. Henry Ford c. Alexander Bell d. Norman Rockwell

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5. (1000) What is the capital of Massachusetts? a. St. Louis b. Boston c. Memphis d. New York

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6 (2000) He wrote about common people of the American West. a. Ernest Hemingway b. Robert Frost c. Emily Dickinson d. Mark Twain

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7. (4000) Many of his books are set in Europe? a. Ernest Hemingway b. Mark Twain c. Ray Bradbury d. Jack London

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. (8000) Which of these characters wasn’t created by Walt Disney? a. Mickey Mouse b. Bugs Bunny c. Donald Duck d. Pluto

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9. (16000) He was a great humanitarian. a. Alexander Bell b. Orville Wright c. Henry Ford d. Elvis Presley

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10. (32000) He created beautiful glass elevators? a. Thomas Jefferson b. John C. Portman Jr. c. Wilbur Wright d. Henry Ford

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11. (64000) He was known as the “King of Jazz” a. Louis Armstrong b. Steven Spielberg c. Elvis Presley d. Barbra Streisand

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12. (125000) This political leader was the president of the USA during the Civil War/ a. Benjamin Franklin b. Eleanor Roosevelt c. Abraham Lincoln d. Harriet Tubman

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13. (25000) The lightning rod was invented by… a. Alexander Bell b. Henry Ford c. Benjamin Franklin d. Mark Twain

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14. (500000) He was shot in Ford’s Theatre. a. Abraham Lincoln b. George Washington c. F.D. Roosevelt d. Thomas Jefferson

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15. (1000000) The fist university in America was… a. Boston b. MIT Cambridge c. Harvard d. Oxford

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THE THIRD SELECTION SET Arrange the weekdays as they appear in the week A. Sunday B. Tuesday C. Friday D. Wednesday

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Key: A, B, D, C.

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1. (100) The American flag has… a. 13 stripes b. 50 stripes c. 30 stripes d/ 51 stripes

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2. (200) His real name was Samuel Clemens. a. Jack London b. Ray Bradbury c. Mark Twain d. Ernest Hemingway

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3. (400) A popular American food is… a. barbeque ribs b. fish and chips c. pelmeni d. fruit salad

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4. (500) What is the national sport in America? a. baseball b. soccer c. football d. basketball

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5. (1000) Where is the tallest building in the world located? a. Canada b. Taiwan c. the USA d. Russia

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6. (2000) He never received any formal education. a. Mark Twain b. Ernest Hemingway c. Jack London d. Emily Dickinson

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7. (4000) He became rich and famous before he was 30. a. M. Twain b. R. Bradbury c. J. London d. Walt Disney

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8. (8000) The Wright brothers built the first… a. telephone b. airplane c. car d. phonograph

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9. (16000) Washington D.C. is… a. a state b .a district c. a. county d. an island

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10. (32000) Christopher Columbus thought he had reached… a. China b. Japan c. India d. America

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11. (64000) Benjamin Franklin wrote one of the most famous… a. autobiographies b. proclamations c. declarations d. emancipations

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12. (125000) Abraham Lincoln was the… a. 1 st president b. 16 th president c. 3 rd president d. 40 th president

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13. ( 250000) John Wilkes Booth assassinated… a. Abraham Lincoln b. George Washington c. Th0mas Jefferson d. John Kennedy

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14. (500000) Elvis Presley was known as the “King of…” a. Jazz b. Heavy metal c. Rock-n-roll d. Pop music

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15. (1000000) Boston was founded in… a. 1620 b. 1636 c. 1630 d. 1699

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