Игра «Звёздный час» по теме «Дом. Квартира»

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Игра «Звёздный час» по теме «Дом. Квартира» Учитель английского языка МБОУ «СОШ с.Дачное» Сахалинская обл. Регор Жанна Васильевна

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People can prepare breakfast, dinner or supper in this room. Women usually spend much time there. We have a fridge, a sink, a table, a cooker and a cupboard in this room.

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There are beds or a sofa in this room. You can see a little table and a wardrobe there. People have a rest in this room.

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This room is not very large. We take a shower or have a bath in this room. You can clean your teeth, wash your hands and face there.

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Families get together for the meal in this room. They have breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper there. There are some chairs and a table in this room.

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There is a TV set, a wall-unit, some chairs and a sofa in this икни. Some people have a fireplace there. We can see some flowers on the walls. There is often a carpet on the floor. It is usually the largest room in the house. People watch television, listen to music, or sit around and speak there.

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You can see a table, a chair, a bookcase and some shelves on the wall in this room. There are books and magazines on the shelves. You can read books, do your homework or write a letter in this room. Your parents can write a report, read important letters and work there.

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This room is not very large. People take off their overcoats, hats, boots or shoes there. There is usually a mirror and a little table there.

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Key, front, flat, upstairs, lovely, corner, furniture, lamp, gar­den, opposite.

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Choose a word   A) 1. a wardrobe 2. a lamp B) 1. Curtains 2. a cooker C) 1. A sink 2. a mirror D) 1. An armchair 2. a car E) 1. A flat 2. a garden

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Используемая литература: «Предметные недели в школе Английский язык» О.Н. Подгорская, Е.К. Черничкина «Учитель» Предметные недели в школе Английский язык Л.В. Васильева «Учитель»