What did they say?

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What did they say? Reported statements Tarasenko A.N.

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Have you got mice? Is it a computer shop? No, we haven’t It is a flat! What did you say? I said that… We had no mice

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Pa, I must tell you something now. I am sure you will be happy to know it. Well, out with it, sunny. You will not get me any new books next year! How so? I’ll stay another year in the 6th form! What did you say? I said that…. I would stay another year in the 6th form

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I answered the teacher’s question today! Who broke the window in the classroom…? What did you say? How nice of you! And what was the question? I said that… I had answered the teacher’s question

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Jack, why are you late for school every morning? When I come to the crossing I see the words: SCHOOL-GO SLOW! What? What did he say? He said that… When he came to the crossing he saw the words: School-go slow!