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CONVECTION TEMPLATE Convection templates specify a variable convective LBC Convection Templates are defined in the template.dat.apnd file Provide in MSC.Patran LBC input form: Template ID (TID) number Optional (spatially varying) data An example of a convection template is given below

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CONVECTION TEMPLATE This template provides 2 GPs and 5 Material Property ID’s (MPID’s) Configuration 13 requires 5 GP values GP1 is the surface area supplied by the MSC.Patran GP2 and GP3 are characteristic lengths Supplied in the Convection Coefficient LBC data box The example assumes that GP2 and GP3 are supplied from the LBC’s form Can be supplied directly in the template (change # of GP’s to 4) GP4 is plate inclination angle GP5 is the local gravitational constant Configuration 13 requires 5 MPID’s Density, Viscosity, coefficient of thermal expansion, specific heat and thermal conductivity of fluid The MPID’s are 1041, 1042, 1043, 1000, and 1110

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CONVECTION TEMPLATE (Cont.) Field of distance from edge defined in Fields/Spatial See THERMAL User Manual, Ch 9 Section 9.1.4, Configuration 3 for a Description of this Convection Configuration. GP Values: 1- Resistor Surface Area (Generated by PATRAN) 2- f1(X_dist) (From f:X_dist in CONV Template 17) 3- f2(X_dist) (From f:X_dist in CONV Template 17) 4- 100.01 (From 3rd GP in CONV Template 17)

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ELEMENT UNIFORM & ELEMENT VARIABLE CONVECTION BOUNDARY CONDITION CONV/(Default): Element Uniform CONV/ Element Variable This does not work well with some configuration correlations (e.g. zero distance from the boundary layer leading edge) FLOW

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