CCNA 2 Chapter 19 Intermediate TCP/IP

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CCNA 2 Chapter 19 Intermediate TCP/IP By Your Name

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Objectives TCP operation Transport layer ports

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TCP/IP Operation The transport layer is responsible for the reliable transport of and regulation of data flow from source to destination.

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TCP Three-Way Handshake/Open Connection

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Denial-of-Service Attacks Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are designed to deny services to legitimate hosts attempting to establish connections.

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TCP Windowing

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Acknowledgment Numbers 23 1028

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TCP Simple Acknowledgment

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UDP Operation

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Transport Layer Ports

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Port Numbers Numbers below 255 are reserved for public applications. Numbers from 255–1023 are assigned to companies for marketable applications. Numbers above 1023 are unregulated.

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Ports for Clients: TCP and UDP Segment Format UDP TCP

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Port Numbering