Презентация к уроку английского языка«The Komi Republic»(региональный компонент).

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Презентация к уроку английского языка «The Komi Republic» (региональный компонент). Неклюдова А. П., учитель английского языка МБОУ «СОШ» с. Дутово г. Вуктыл Республика Коми

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Данная презентация может быть использована на уроках английского языка в 10-11 классах в рамках реализации регионального компонента, который составляет 30 % от общего объёма материала. Главная дидактическая цель : обобщение и закрепление знаний обучающихся по теме "The Komi Republic". Сопутствующая цель: развитие способности к догадке, к формированию выводов на основе прочитанного, к сравнению и сопоставлению, развитие познавательного интереса обучающихся.

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The Urals Komi Republic is situated in the extreme North-East part of Russia. The total land area is 416.6 thousand square kilometers (2.4% of Russia total land area). The longest way is from South-West to North-East - 1275 kilometers. The Urals form is the highest part of the Republic. They stretch from the South to the North. The TIMAN mountain ridge runs from the Southeast to the North-West of our republic. No hills go higher here than 500 m.

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Forests cover much of the Republic. The fir– tree, the bird–cherry tree, the rowan tree, the alder, the birch, the poplar, the acacia, the lilac are characteristic trees of our land. Then forests give place to extensive forest-tundra and marshlands. They occupy 3 million hectares of our land.

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The climate is severe in the North and relatively mild in the South–West and in the South of our Republic. The temperature range is from +1 (one degree above zero) in the South to-6 (six degrees below zero) in the North.

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The MEZEN The chief rivers are the PECHORA, the VYCHEGDA and the MEZEN. They are well supplied with water.

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The fauna of the Republic is much similar to that of NORTH-WESTERN EUROPE. There are some 20 species of mammalia including the fox, the polar fox, the silver fox, the bear, the marten, the elk, the lynx and others, smaller animals include squirrels, hares and so on.

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There are more than 200 species of birds such as blackcock, hazel hen, cuckoo, drake, wood grouse, partridge. Some of them are resident. The rest are regular visitors to our places.

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Rivers and lakes fish include salmon, white salmon, sig, perch, bream, pike, sterlet, burbot, gray ling, ruff and others.

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Komi Republic today is well developed region of Russia Federation. Industrial and social infrastructure has transport communication, own electric power and heater supply, produced from own fuel. The industry of Komi Republic is composed of more than 30 branches.

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Our Republic is rich in mineral resources such as oil, natural gas, coal, bauxite, iron, gold, timber, manganese. Industry plays a very important part in the economy of our Republic.

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Coal has been mined on a large scale. The chief coalfields are in VORKUTA and INTA. Timber industry is the largest sector in the economy. Oil is exported to many parts of our country through the pipelines USA – UKHTA-YAROSLAVL. Most of the natural gas deposits are located in VUKTYL is the main producing area.

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Education, culture, science and health protection are received great care in Komi Republic. 22 colleges, 35 technical schools and 569 schools are opened in republic. There are 5 high school institutions. Komi Scientific Center of Russia Academy Urals Branch is the main scientific institution of Komi Republic. The Scientific Center is large united institution for researches in geology structure and characteristics of mineral resources deposits, solving Problems of rational mastering of oil, ore and mineral deposits, studying working population, flora and fauna, studying ecological influence of mankind at nature.

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The chief root crops of our place are potatoes, green vegetables, carrots, beets, onions, and garlic. Our crops include wheat and oats, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peas, cabbages.

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The first hunters and fishermen came to our land in the Vth-Vlthcenturies and they settled down along the PECHORA, the VYCHEGDA and the lakes. Now more than one million people live here.

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Vocabulary: total area – общая территория stretch – протягиваться TIMAN mountain ridge – Тиманский кряж fir– tree – хвойное дерево bird–cherry tree – черёмуха rowan tree – рябина alder – ольха birch – берёза poplar – тополь acacia – акация lilac – сирень give place – уступать место extensive – обширная marshland – болотистая местность severe – суровая relatively mild – относительно мягкий temperature range – температурный диапазон mamma1 –млекопитающее polar fox – песец silver fox – черно-бурая лиса marten – куница elk – лось lynx– рысь mammalia – млекопитающие squirrel – белка species – биологический вид black–cock – тетерев hazel hen – рябчик

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Vocabulary: cuckoo – кукушка drake – селезень wood grouse – глухарь partridge – куропатка resident – неперелётная птица perch – окунь bream – лещ pike – щука sterlet –стерлядь burbot – налим gray ling – хариус ruff – ёрш to be mined – добывать a large scale – в большом масштабе through– через pipelines – трубопровод beet– свёкла onion – лук garlic – чеснок oats – овёс cucumber – огурец lettuce – салат pea – горох cabbage – капуста settle down – обосноваться, поселиться

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