Project on the topic of cities of Russia. Smolensk.

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Project on the topic of cities of Russia. Smolensk. Completed: Korotkova Kristina. Group: 19ФМ4.

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Smolensk is situated to the south west of Russia. Smolensk is on the river Dnepr.

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The town's area makes up 166,35 square kilometres. Its population is about 400 thousand people.

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Smolensk is a Hero City because its population and the Red Army men defended it like heroes during the Great Patriotic War. There are many monuments connected with the Great Patriotic War.

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One of the most ancient construction is the fortress of Smolensk. It was built in 1595-1602 years. The fortress had a great significance for the defence of Russia.

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In the town there are many monuments of famous people, a lot of churches and cathedrals, the famous Uspensky Cathedral which is on the highest hill of Smolensk.

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Visitors can visit famous places and museums, walk in the parks, enjoy the cafes, for exemple, the famous towns cafe in the russian style.

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Smolensk is a very interesting, beautiful and very "different" town. I'd like to live in Smolensk because it is always clean, the people are friendly and welcoming there. This town gives a lot of positive impressions and emotions.