The wild world of Australia

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The wild world of Australia МОУ <СОШ №4>

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The coat of arms

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Australian unique fauna includes 70% of the worlds marsupials All of the worlds monotremes Only a small percentage of the world’s placentals An enormous diversity of parrots and other birds A fascinating range of reptiles and fish Many unusual invertebrates

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Monotremes Echidna Platypus

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Marsupials Different kinds of kangaroos

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Koala, wombat

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Placentals :Dingo

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Why does Australia have many unique species? Australia has been isolated for a long period of time, so there has been little exchange of animals with the rest of the world. For example there no hoofed animals native to Australia, yet monotremes are found in Australia and New Guinea. Australia’s climate is often unpredictable. There may be long period of drought, frequent floods, or fires. These sorts of problems require unique adaptations. For example the Red kangaroo can suspend the development of its embryo until conditions improve.

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Birds Emu Australia has a huge number of bird species- about three times as many as Europe. Some of birds are migratory. Some are unique to Australia.

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Graceful Lyrebirds

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Great white cockatoos are admired by the people

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Crimpson rosella It is beautiful bird. They are usually hard to get close and photograph except in some areas where they are regularly fed by humans

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Reptiles More than 400 species of reptiles are known in Australia.

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Beautiful Reef The Australian Great Barrie Reef is the largest coral reef in the world. It is 2,000 km long and can be seen from space.

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Australian native plants The range of Australian plants seems unending. There are more than 20,000 species of plants and wildflowers. Bottle brushes

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K. Balmont «Австралийский черный лебедь на волне, Словно в сказке на картинке виден мне.»

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