a poet

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Give the meaning of the words: a poet поет письменник актор

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England Англія Англійський Англієць

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a song пісня співати вірш

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a name Ім’я імена називати

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a farm ферма фермер село

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to think думати ненавидіти дивитися

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a fish риба птах їжа

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students студенти однокласники студент

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a place місце місто дім

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Translate into Ukrainian: 1. my uncle 2. his grandfather 3. her parents 4. to study 5. schoolchildren 6. It was as usual 7. to be full of 8. a wonder 9. a lake 10. a field

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Games “Tic-Tac-Toc” Read the verbs:

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Put the verbs from the box into the correct form using the Past Simple:

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Check yourself!

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Make up sentences with the words: looking/ am/new/for/I/book/a. – I am looking for a new book. 1. the/he/moment/Is/TV/at/watching? 2. tennis/not/yard/They/the/playing/are/in. 3. She/dog/now/is/walking/the/not.

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Check yourself! Is he watching TV at the moment? They are not playing tennis in the yard. She is not walking the dog now.