Презентация для использования на уроках английского языка в 5 классе по УМК «Happy English.ru» Автор Пунанова Л.П.

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Презентация для использования на уроках английского языка в 5 классе по УМК «Happy English.ru» Автор Пунанова Л.П.

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Phonetic exercises [і] it, pink, ring, bring, symbol, children, Christian, tradition, Britain. [i:] Easter, street, people, eating, sweet, green, meal. [^] Bunny, funny, bun, Sunday, much, colour, love, pumpkin. [?:] garden, card, carnival, party, are

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Easter is the time of joy  For all people, girls and boys  Joyfully today we sing:  Jesus is arisen Christ .

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New words a Christian – христианин Christian – христианский spring – весна difference – разница an egg – яйцо Halloween – Хэллоуи Easter – Пасха Christmas – Рождество Lent – пост the Resurrection – Воскресение Христово Jesus Christ – Иисус Христос during – в течение

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Easter symbols

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Easter Eggs Easter Chicks Easter Bunny Easter Lilies The Cross Read new words: Easter Candles

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Easter eggs Eggs symbolize new life.

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Easter Chicks The chick, hatching out of the egg, symbolizes new life and rebirth.

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Easter Hare or Bunny The hare or Easter Bunny as it is known in America was a symbol of abundant life in ancient times, and reminds us of spring and new life.

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Easter Lilies The white lilies symbolize new life and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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The Cross The cross symbolizes Jesus’ victory over death.

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Candles Easter candles symbolize Jesus, “the light of the world”.

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Baby Animals Baby animals born in spring also represent spring and new life.

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Easter Legend Read new words: harvest - урожай disappoint – разочаровывать hide (hid-hid) - прятать lawn - лужайка bush - кустик decide - решать believe - верить

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Easter Legend Long, long ago there lived an old, woman who loved children very much. Each year she gave children presents to celebrate spring.

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Easter Legend One year she had nothing to give because the harvest was very poor. All she had were some eggs.

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Easter Legend She did not want to disappoint the children. So quickly before they came for their presents she coloured the eggs and hid them in the grass.

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Easter Legend When the children came she said to them: "Run out into the lawn and find your presents hiding there”

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Easter Legend The children began to look for the presents. At last they found a basket of coloured eggs under the bush. Suddenly a hare jumped out from under the bush. And the children decided that it was he, who had brought them the presents.

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Homework Workbook Page 39 Ex.3, 6.