The National Symbol of England

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The National Symbol of England

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The red rose is the symbol of England. It is connected with the history of the country.

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HISTORY The wars of the Roses were the wars within the country. They took place in the 15 century and were the wars between the representatives of two contending Houses struggling for the English throne - the Lancastrians and Yorkists.

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The red rose was the emblem of the Lancastrians, the white rose was that of the Yorkists. The rivalry between the Roses ended by the marriage of Henry VII, the Lancastrian, with Princess Elizabeth , the daughter of Edward IV, the Yorkist. Since those times the red rose has become the national emblem of England.

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After the marriage of Henry and Elizabeth appeared Tudor emblem.

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House of Lancaster House of York Rose Emblem

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What is the capital of England?

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What century was a war between the two Roses?

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Whose emblem?

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