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Insert project LOGO Project title (7 -10 words) Project acronym (maximum 7 symbols) Applicant / Coordinator LOGO FRONT PAGE Практические занятие №1 Applicant / Coordinator: Name of university , Country

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Call for proposal: реквизиты объявления о конкурсе   Erasmus + Programme: название программы   Key Action 2: название подпрограммы   Type of project:   Structural Project / Joint Project (выбрать)   National Project / Multy-National Project (выбрать)   Deadline: указать последний срок подачи заявки FRAMEWORK Практические занятие №1

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Designer: name Project sphere-related expertise: например: project design and management.  Writer: name Project sphere-related expertise: например: project designer and grant/project writing in English / analysing data / information; project-related terminology and producing narratives Expert: name Project sphere-related expertise: например: color vision, image processing and pattern recognition methods and algorithms, software management Expert: name Project sphere-related expertise: например: image processing in medicine, nanotechnology; segmentation; intellectual software and data mining; image object measurement and description; object detection. Planner / scheduler: name Project sphere-related expertise: например: costs calculation, budget planning PROJECT DEVELOPMENT TEAM Практические занятие №1

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Category: Например: D - Developing the Higher Education sector within society at large Sub-category: Например: Knowledge triangle, innovation (reinforcing links between education, research and business) Short explanation on this project addresses the priority/ies mentioned above in relation: Например: HARMONY includes a comprehensive approach to internationalization addressing the partner institutions in the three countries, Russia, Armenia and Belarus. It will be done by targeting the management of the higher education institution in a carefully phased way. It will deal with the internationalization strategies of the institutions, modelling action plans, together with a training of the staff in charge of it, and it will also produce recommendations on internationalization. PROJECT PRIORITIES ADDRESSED BY THIS APPLICATION Практические занятие №2

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Number of Partners from Program countries: Например: DE-1, IT-1, FR-1 Number of Partners from BY: Например: BY-10 Number of Partners from ENPIO region (if applicable): Например:UA-2, AM-2, MD-2 Partners from other regions, for inter-regional project (if applicable): Например: RU-2, KZ-2 PARTNERSHIP COMPOSITION Практические занятие №2

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Partnership composition explanation: (3-4 sentences). Например: The proposed Consortium is to include 4 Partners from Programme Countries and 7 Belarusian partners from Minsk, Brest and Grodno. In line with the main project idea of interdisciplinarity and bringing together researchers from different fields the Partners are to represent classical, technical and medical profiles. The Consortium will also include the United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (UIIP NASB) and Scientific and Technological Association INFOPARK. These partners will be representing business/ industry sector. To ensure adequate support and sustainability of the project the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus is also to be engaged into the Consortium. PARTNERSHIP COMPOSITION Практические занятие №2 Short presentation of project Coordinator (2-3 sentences). Например: Belarusian State University having a number of successfully implemented projects within TEMPUS and other programmes behind it will be responsible for coordination and project management and all administrative work related in cooperation with project Partners.

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Short Overview of existing problems …. Например: The project addresses urgent need in development of a comprehensive internationalization strategies and their harmonization in accordance with the national interests of the EU Member States and Armenia, Belarus and Russia. Recent survey on internationalization level of HEIs in the region showed that only a few universities follow specific strategies of internationalization. Overview of HE internationalisation strategies shows that they are often focused mainly on student mobility. Besides, international academic cooperation, resting on initiative of individual academics or research teams, remained fragmented and commonly not linked to an institutional or national strategy. PROJECT BACKGROUND IN BRIEF Практические занятие №2 …and Needs Например: In order to place internationalization as one of the main strategic goals of university strategy, it is crucial to move from a mere individuel, incidental and peripheral angle towards an institutionalized and professionalized process of internationalization.

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Wider objective Например: To improve the level of interdisciplinary competences and skills of graduates to meet the needs of knowledge-intensive labour market by creating international web-based platform for innovative collaboration among young researchers, students, academic teachers, scientists and Hi-Tech enterprises from Belarus and EU. PROJECT BACKGROUND IN BRIEF Практические занятие №2 Specific objectives: Например: 1. To develop V-LAB web-based platform 2. To develop training packages on modern methods of interdisciplinary problems solving 3. To carry out best-practice study visits, teaching/learning activities for young researchers, students, academic teachers, scientists and enterprises List of project activities related to development of outputs/outcomes only Например: 1. Conducting of a comprehensive research of internationalization level at higher education in the countries involved 2. Development of implementation models of internationalization strategies. 3. Training and professional development of HEI administrative staff in the field of implementation of internalization tools in HEIs; 4. Establishment of expert network for internationalization in higher education; 5. Implementation of Pilot Internationalization Action Plans of HEIs; 6. Development of recommendations for harmonization of internanatiolization strategies in the EU states and RU, BY and AM.

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LOGICAL FRAMEWORK MATRIX Практические занятие №3 Задача 1 Например: To establish 5 PC Uni Fablabs; Deliverable ... Deliverable 1.2. Например: Fablab created at PC HEIs Deliverable 1.1. Например: EU&PCs Fablab experience analyseded Activity 1.1.1 Например: PC admin. staff training by EU    Activity 1.1.2 Например: Conductive survey on Fablab experience in EU   Activity …. Activity 1.2.1 Например: Describing Fablabs business processes.  Activity 1.2.2  Например: Fablab Reguukation developing and approving   Activity …. Activity …     Activity …     Activity …

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LOGICAL FRAMEWORK MATRIX Практические занятие №3 Задача 2 Например: To develop teaching methodology& courses & upgrade PC HEIs curricula Deliverable ... Deliverable 2.2. Например: Courses on 3D prototyping developed Deliverable 2.1. Например: Teachers trained on 3D prototyping Activity 2.1.1  Например: Selecting and training teachers   Activity 2.1.2     Activity …. Activity 2.2.1  Например: Developing teaching methodology   Activity 2.2.2     Activity …. Activity …     Activity …     Activity …

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LOGICAL FRAMEWORK MATRIX Практические занятие №3 Задача 3 Например: To develop University-business-industry network infrastructure for youth innovation entrepreneurship support Deliverable ... Deliverable 3.2. Например: University+industry networking events Deliverable 3.1. Например: EU&PC+business+industry network Activity 3.1.1  Например: Defining fablab partner companies/ enterprises   Activity 3.1.2     Activity …. Activity 3.2.1 Например: Organizing networking events   Activity 3.2.2     Activity …. Activity …     Activity …     Activity …

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PROJECT WORKPLAN Практические занятие №4 Year 1

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PROJECT WORKPLAN Практические занятие №4 Year 2

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PROJECT WORKPLAN Практические занятие №4 Year 3

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PROJECT BUDGET Практические занятие №5